Sneaky Sasquatch takes place in a campground park, so naturally its teeming with life, including our aquatic friends! Sasquatch can acquire a fishing rod and try his hand at fishing, and one of the most elusive fish to catch is the mighty sturgeon. We’ll show you how to find and catch the sturgeon in our Sneaky Sasquatch guide on catching the sturgeon!

Please keep in mind that in order to catch the sturgeon, you need the fisherman’s pole, which can be acquired by catching at least 50% of all fish in the game. Be sure to check out our complete fishing guide to learn how to fish and where to find all types of fish!

Where to Find the Sturgeon

Head to the middle of the campgrounds, where the bridge that goes over the small river is. From the bridge, follow the river south and it will lead you to a small passageway between the rocks.

When you go between the rocks, you will be in a new area where the river continues. Continue following the river south and eventually you’ll hit a small pond. Look for a big shadow – that’s the sturgeon!

How to Catch the Sturgeon

Now that you’ve located the sturgeon, all that is left to do is catch it. Catching the sturgeon requires you to have the fisherman’s rod – the rod you buy from Raccoon’s shop is too flimsy to catch the beast that is the sturgeon.

Even with the fisherman’s rod, the sturgeon puts up quite the fight so be prepared to battle it! You’ll need to tire it out by continuously tapping, or you can also wait until it’s closer to shore to make your life a little easier. With enough luck, the sturgeon will be yours!

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