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One of the activities that you can do to earn coins in Sneaky Sasquatch is fish! Sasquatch loves fish, so once you purchase a fishing rod from the friendly neighborhood raccoon you can try your hand at fishing. There are tons of fish to catch, so it might be a little overwhelming at first, but don’t worry – we’re here with our Sneaky Sasquatch guide on how to fish!

Getting your first Rod

To become a beginner Fishersasquatch, you’ll need to purchase a fishing rod. You can buy one from Raccoon’s shop for 75 coins. You should be able to rack up enough coins by simply playing through the game and finding the other map pieces. Simply do favors for the other animals or partake in one of the many minigames like mini-golf or racing and you can earn 75 coins quickly.

Catching your first Fish

Once you have purchased a fishing rod, go ahead and equip it by tapping on the clothes icon from your backpack menu. This allows you to change what you wearing and what item you have equipped.

With the fishing rod equipped, approach any body of water that you can see fish moving around in and you should see a fishing button pop up. Tap the fish button to begin casting. Drag away from Sasquatch to control the direction of your cast, and wait for the circle to be as small as possible before you let go. The smaller the circle is, the closer your lure will land to the indicator.

Try to aim your lure so that it lands in front of a fish. If the fish moves, don’t worry – you can tap repeatedly to reel in your lure. However, if you see that a fish is moving towards your lure, don’t reel in yet. Let the fish come close and it will start to nibble on your lure. Patience is key during this part!

After a few nibbles, the fish will begin to chow down on your lure and start shaking violently, as indicated by the heavy water splashing. At this point you have the fish completely hooked, so start tapping as fast as you can to reel it in! Once you bring the fish all the way to land, the fish is yours. Congratulations, you got your first fish!

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Fishing Guide & The Better Rod

Before you go on a fishing spree, it’s best if you meet up with the old fisherman by the lake. If you own an oar you can take one of the canoes and cross over to the east side of the lake, or you can come down from the center park road right before the entrance to the golf course.

The fisherman will offer you his old fishing guide for free. The fishing guide has info and pictures of every fish in the game, even detailing their locations and the best times to search for them. Once you catch a new fish for the first time and show the fisherman, its entry will be updated in the fishing guide, though keep in mind some of the fish cannot be caught with the starting rod.

Once you catch at least 50% of the fish in the game, the fisherman will respect you enough to give you his superior fishing rod. With this rod, you can catch ALL of the fish in the game!

Complete Fish List

The fishing guide will give you various hints on where to find some of the rarer fish, and some of the hints are pretty obvious. Here’s a complete list of where to find all the fish!

  • minnow – everywhere!
  • sunfish – everywhere during the day
  • crappie – everywhere during the night
  • catfish – small ponds
  • suckerfish – everywhere during sunset
  • trout – in the rivers around the campground
  • perch – everywhere but the campground rivers and ponds
  • bass – in the southern lake
  • sculpin – everywhere during the morning
  • stickleback – only found when you see the Zzz above Sasquatch
  • kokanee – ski area lake
  • lamprey – everywhere during the night
  • carp – race track pond
  • greyling – ski area lake
  • whitefish – ski area lake during the morning
  • salmon – campground river with the waterfall
  • burbot – golf course pond
  • dolly varden – southern lake when it’s raining
  • shad – campground waterfall river when it’s raining
  • pike – southern lake during the morning
  • crayfish – everywhere – look for the tiny shadows
  • cavefish – ski area mountain cave
  • goldfish – on the way to the ski area, there’s a tree trunk you can go through that leads to a pond with goldfish
  • sturgeon – campground river, go south from the bridge and you can find a new area, look for the big shadow

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Sneaky Sasquatch: How to fish | Fishing Guide


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