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Sneaky Sasquatch Sewer Codes (March 2023)

Sneaky Sasquatch Sewer Codes (March 2023)
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The newest update to Sneaky Sasquatch introduces a new storyline where the camp ground’s lake is mysteriously polluted overnight. Sasquatch must travel to the city and become a junior detective cop to find out the truth, and his adventure will lead him to some locked doors in the sewers. We’ll show you how to find all the combinations you need in our Sneaky Sasquatch sewer codes guide!

Do note that the codes needed to unlock the doors are randomized in every game, so your codes will be different from everyone else’s codes. This is why we can’t simply list the codes; you’ll need to discover them yourself.

Pump Room Sewer Code

To get the first set of codes you’ll need for the sewer, you need to climb your way up the police officer rankings. If you haven’t started the town storyline yet, do so now so that you can become a cop. You’ll have to start off by writing tickets for people driving dangerously.

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Once you’re the highest ranking possible (detective), the police chief will assign you the case of the polluted campground’s lake. You’ll have to find evidence supporting the claim that someone is intentionally polluting the lake. You’ll need to buy a scuba diving set and a camera if you haven’t already.

Head out to the lake and dive towards the southwest side of the lake. You might need to purchase a couple of scuba upgrades before you can make it that far, so be sure to pick up all the trash you see.

Eventually you’ll find a large drainage pipe with sewage spilling out of it. Equip your camera and snap a photo of the pipe to get incriminating photographic evidence!

Return to the police chief, and he’ll conclude that the connecting pipe can be found in the city sewers. He’ll tell you of an opened manhole that you can take down to the sewers, and he’ll also let you know the first code that unlocks the Pump Room. Don’t worry about memorizing it, as the game will jot it down for you.

Storage Room Sewer Code

Now that you have the Pump Room code, go down to the sewers and explore the southeast area. Take a look at the maps on the sewer walls if you’ve forgotten where the Pump Room is.

The first time you enter the Pump Room you’ll see a cutscene with two goons. It turns out that the goons have been purposely spilling raw sewage into the drainage pipe to pollute the lake. You’ll overhear them talking about how their boss is going to check up on them later in the night at 9pm, so go ahead and pass the time.

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When the clock hits 9, head back to the Pump Room, and you’ll see the head honcho. He’ll discuss his plans with the goons then tell them the code to the Storage Room. With this code, you now have all the codes necessary to arrest the goons behind the lake pollution!

Fruit Codes PLU

  • 4011: Banana
  • 4013: Banana
  • 4014: Orange
  • 4015: Orange
  • 4016: Apple
  • 4022: Grapes
  • 4023: Grapes
  • 4029: Pineapple
  • 4031: Pineapple
  • 4032: Watermelon
  • 4033: Lemon
  • 4037: Peach
  • 4038: Peach
  • 4046: Avocado
  • 4048: Lime
  • 4053: Lemon

If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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