Sneaky Sasquatch: All Secret Cache Locations

Hidden throughout the world of Sneaky Sasquatch are secret caches left behind a rich philanthropist. Sasquatch can find them and can get lots of coins quick, but many of them are hiding and some must even be unlocked by doing some sort of puzzle. Never fear though, as we are here with our Sneaky Sasquatch guide for all secret cache locations to show you the way!

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Secret Cache 1

Head east from Sasquatch’s house to the campgrounds. When you get to sign post B, go north on the path to find a cache.

Secret Cache 2

Head to the area of the campground with the bridge over the river. Follow the river up to find a waterfall – walk into it to discover a secret cave entrance. The cache is inside.

Secret Cache 3

Enter the cave that’s near the RV park. You’ll need the flashlight to navigate inside, as it’s pitch black. Follow the train tracks near where you blew up the debris to get the map piece but look for another path – the cache will be at end.

Secret Cache 4

Follow the big dirt path into the RV park in the middle of campgrounds. Follow the path all the way to the end and you’ll see a side path past an outhouse – the cache will be there.

Secret Cache 5

Head down to the big lake which is south from the campground. Follow the path, go past the bees and continue to the left instead of going down towards the docks. There should be another path that leads to another cache.

Secret Cache 6

Enter the hedge maze located across the lake. Instead of going the normal path, there is a hidden branching path near the top right corner of the maze that leads to the southeast corner where a cache lies.

Secret Cache 7

Go to the ranger station near the center of the campground and head north. There should be a path along a cliff-side that leads to a cache.

Secret Cache 8

Go to the ski mountain area and take the lifts all the way up to the summit of the mountain. Head to the Summit Hut and stay on the right side of it to find a winding path that leads to a cave. Inside the cave head northeast to find a small river with a canoe nearby, so use it to cross and find the cache.

Secret Cache 9

Drive to the Sawmill. You’ll need the find the Lumberyard outfit if you haven’t already, which can be acquired by sneaking past the Sawmill workers and taking the hardhat on the locker. Once you have it, put it on and go out through the Sawmill’s back doors to find a path leading to a cache.

Secret Cache 10

Head to the parking lot for the race track. Go towards the southwest corner of the parking lot and you should see a path blocked by tire stacks. Go down the path and you’ll run into bees who will block you from advancing, so head up and follow the clearing to find a hidden car. Drive past the bees and go down the steps and across to the pond to find the cache.

Secret Cache 11

Go to the race track podium, then head straight north from the podium to find the cache.

Secret Cache 12

At the golf course podium, there is a little patch next to the cache where you must hit the golf ball into the hole. The cache will unlock once you do so.

Secret Cache 13

At the golf course, head all the way east and you should find a path. You’ll see another locked cache with a golf ball, but this time you’ll need to hit it across a huge lake. Try to make it so that your shot lands right on the edge of the coast because your ball is going to bounce a lot from all the power.

Secret Cache 14

In the golf course parking lot head southeast to find a cache next to a hole. You’ll need to hit a ball from the small course above down to the cache and get it in the hole.

Secret Cache 15

Head north from the campgrounds into the street intersection. Make a right at the four-way intersection and you should see the bus stop that takes you to the ski mountain. If you look closely, you’ll notice a small opening in the trees below the bus stop sign. Work your way through the shrouded forest path to find a cache.

Secret Cache 16

From the street intersection, drive west towards the town. Continue all the way down the street, but right before you enter the town, stop and take a look alongside the southern wall of trees. You should see a little path opening, so follow it to find a canoe on a small river. The river will take you all the way to a cache.

Secret Cache 17

Purchase an energy drink from the supermarket, as you’ll need to stay up late for this one. Drive towards the supermarket in the town and north of it you should see a path in the trees obscured by a bunch of bushes. Follow the path down until you reach the cache and wait there until it unlocks super late at night.

Secret Cache 18

This one opens during the early morning, so you’ll need to have an apartment in the town to make it to this one on time. Go west of the police station until you see a fence, then follow it down to find a path opening. If you’re fast enough, there will be cache at the end of the path.

Secret Cache 19

For this cache you need the beach ball that can be found in the island. Push it to the ferry, and then roll it over to the cache to unlock it.

Secret Cache 20

Purchase a boat if you haven’t already, and then make sure you have a camera. Sail out towards the ocean from the RV guy, and you should come up on a small island with a sign with a magnifying glass and a safe. Zoom in on the sign with 8x magnification to learn the code to the safe. The safe has the key to the cache.

Secret Cache 21

Sail out to the ocean near the jeep guy. You should come up on Rich Uncle Duck’s island which has the cache in plain sight with a small pond next to it. Catch the fish in the pond to unlock the cache.

Secret Cache 22

Purchase a dog from the pet shop, then have him dig up the mound near the museum to get a key. Head south of the museum to find a hidden path that leads a locked cache.

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