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Sneaky Sasquatch: All Camera Club Locations

Sneaky Sasquatch: All Camera Club Locations

The Sneaky Sasquatch town update brought some fun new activities into the game, one of which being the Camera Club. Found just before the town entrance, Sasquatch can now purchase a camera and take on photo requests to prove his worth as a professional photographer. There are a total eight levels with multiple photo requests in each level, and we are here today with our Sneaky Sasquatch guide on all camera club locations to show you the way!

Level 1

  • The igloo can be found up at Ski Mountain, near the frozen lake. It’s the one with Duck inside.
  • Park maps can be found around the campgrounds and up at Ski Mountain.
  • A bucket of golf balls can be found all the way at the east end of the golf course, where the secret cache is.
  • Stacks of tires can be found all over the race track.

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Level 2

  • Any animal. Take a nice picture of Bear next to your house in the park!
  • Canoes in water can be found at the big lake.
  • A gigantic burger can be found on the sign of the town diner.
  • Fish can be found in just about any body of water.

Level 3

  • The waterfall can be found near the river in the campgrounds.
  • Log piles can be found at the sawmill.
  • The barista at the town coffee shop is wearing glasses. Various campers can sometimes be wearing glasses too.
  • Barbecues can be found randomly around the campgrounds.
  • The fisherman who gives you the fishing guide by the big lake is holding a fishing rod.
  • Cans of pizza can be found in the town supermarket.

Level 4

  • The ranger in the campgrounds Ranger Station is sleeping during the day.
  • On the way to the town look out for a sign signaling windy roads.
  • Any secret cache counts, but you must take the picture after midnight.
  • Any racer on the race track.
  • The printer on R Corp’s second floor.
  • There are people paddling in canoes at the big lake.

Level 5

  • Campers can sometimes be found dancing at the RV park. Listen for the radio music.
  • The dock bridge at the lake.
  • A mustached golfer can be found randomly around the golf course.
  • There is a jerrycan sitting in the garage at the race track where you upgrade your car.
  • The workers at the sawmill are wearing hard hats. Make sure to take the picture at night.
  • The fisherman cabin at the lake has a fish sign.
  • Any of the three podiums – race track, ski mountain, or surf shack – count.
  • R Corp workers are wearing ties.

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Level 6

  • Inside the racing building at the race track lies a toy car model.
  • Take the first ski lift at ski mountain and go west until you hit the hot springs.
  • Take both ski lifts all the way to the summit hut, then go to the snowy cave behind it.
  • Go to the RV park to find a warning sign.
  • Inside the cave near the RV park lies a wheelbarrow with dirt. It’s by the plunger used to blow up the debris.
  • The 300 sign can be found on the driving range at the golf course.
  • Raccoon’s shop has a trash can poster.
  • Hang out near the ranger station when it’s raining and you’ll see them with flashlights.
  • You can find Raccoon near the race track finish flag on the west side when it’s night.
  • Ride the bus up to the ski mountain and take a picture of it afterwards.
  • In the basement of the R Corp building lies a yellow coffee mug. You can also find them randomly pop up at the campgrounds.

Level 7

  • Purchase the golf cart from the golf course and all the cars from the race track dealership, then steal a police car. Park every single car in one spot as close as possible, then take a picture. You can use the free go-karts lying around at the race track entrance if you need to.
  • The race track bleachers has four people bunched up together.
  • Two rangers will come to you if you call 911 on the payphone.
  • The golf course has an outhouse near the top-right corner near sand.
  • Multiple fish can be found at the big lake.
  • The police station has a hole in the fence nearby.
  • The picnic spread near the beehive by the lake entrance is pretty dangerous!
  • Lost people are found in the maze south of the big lake.
  • Fully upgrade your cabin at the campgrounds and take a picture of it.
  • Silver ore can be found in the cave near the RV park, near where you blew up the debris earlier.

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