The main quest of Sneaky Sasquatch is to scrounge up enough cash to purchase the park’s safety. The animals and Sasquatch come up with the brilliant idea to dig up long lost treasure, but the map is in pieces! Sasquatch needs to find all nine pieces of the map scattered around the campgrounds, and we’re here to help guide you in our Sneaky Sasquatch guide on where to find all map pieces!

Map Piece 1

Sasquatch is automatically given the first map piece after the animal come together. Duck will come up with the plan to save the park using the treasure they find, and he will have the first piece for you. This event automatically happens after a few days from when you first started the game.

Map Piece 2

To find the second map piece, you’ll want to head over to the RV park, which can be found by going east from Sasquatch’s house and then going north when you see the sign for the RV park.

When you’re in the RV park, go all the way north to lot D and look for Duck – you should see an exclamation mark over his head. He’ll tell you that he lost his hat, and he wants your help getting it back. The hat actually belongs to one of the campers, and it’s inside the big camper with the radio outside.

The door is locked, so lure the camper outside by messing with his radio, either by changing the volume or tuning to a different station. The camper will get suspicious and head outside, which is your chance to enter the RV and grab the hat. Return to Duck with the hat and he’ll give you the second map piece!

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Map Piece 3

From that same intersection where you go north to reach the RV park, you can also go south to reach the lake. Do so and you’ll see tree housing a beehive, with a map piece nearby. The bees won’t let you get too close though, so you’ll need the assistance of Bear, who happens to be nearby.

Bear is hungry, so you’ll need to bring him a fish. Buy the fishing pole from Raccoon if you haven’t already, and then fish up something for Bear. He’ll take care of the hive for you, allowing you to safely pick up the third map piece!

Map Piece 4

Upon waking up, you may notice an exclamation mark in the small pond next to Sasquatch’s house. Use your fishing rod to reel in a talking fish who wishes to swim in the golf course’s pond.

Head straight east from Sasquatch’s house to reach the park’s golf course. Near the center of the course you’ll find a quaint little pond, so go ahead and release the fish and it will reward you with the fourth map piece!

Map Piece 5

Purchase the flashlight from Raccoon’s shop for 125 coins. Head towards the RV park, and when you get to lot B go west to find a hidden path with a yellow caution sign. This path leads to an abandoned mine, and you’ll need the flashlight to see through the darkness.

Head inside and follow the rail tracks. The path forward is blocked by fallen debris, so head east to find some leftover dynamite. Go back to the debris and there should be a box that you can leave the dynamite in. Now head west and activate the plunger you see to detonate the dynamite, clearing the way forward to the fifth map piece.

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Map Piece 6

Purchase the oar from Raccoon’s shop for 50 coins. Head down to the big lake south of the RV park and take any of the canoes. Row straight south and you’ll reach the other side of the lake, with a small path leading down.

The path will lead you to a hedge maze. You’ll need to work your way through the maze, and it’s not terribly complicated – just keep track of which paths you’ve gone down and eventually you’ll find your way to a clearing with Duck. You’ll get the sixth map piece for finding your way through!

Map Piece 7

Purchase the golf club from Raccoon’s shop – it’s time for Sasquatch to become a golfer! You’ll need to enter the golf center at the golf course entrance and enter the beginners tournament. Play through the three courses with the top score and you’ll earn some coins and unlock the next tournament.

Before you can enter the second competition, you’ll need the Golf Outfit and Amateur Golf Club. You can replay the earlier tournament or get coins from different method to purchase both. Keep replaying the tournaments until you’ve saved up enough coins for the Pro Club – you’re going to need it for the final challenge.

From the Golf Center, head east and you’ll run into a pro golfer. Talk to him and accept his golf challenge, and if you win it the seventh map piece will be yours!

Map Piece 8

Head north of the campground to reach the race track. Next to it you can find a car dealership, and you’ll need at least the basic car to get your driving career on the road. Once you get a car, head to the race track and you’ll find a driver who challenges you to a race. He’s pretty fast, so you’ll need to upgrade your car a bit before you can beat him.

Beat him at his race and you’ll earn the eight map piece. If you’re having trouble, keep upgrading your car or even consider buying a newer model. Be sure to take the time to get your license from the race track station, as that will let you enter the racing competitions to earn some more coins.

Map Piece 9

Purchase the skis from Raccoon’s shop for 250 coins. Head up to the snowy mountains and look for a Ski Pro wandering around the frozen lake. Talking to him will present you with the ski challenge, and beating it will reward you with the final map piece. The Ski Pro is very skilled, so you may want to practice with the amateur events.

If you’re having a lot of trouble, beat all of the amateur ski events, and the ski shop owner will allow you to purchase the Pro Skis for 500 coins, which make you go a little faster on the slopes. It is possible to beat the Ski Pro without the Pro Skis though.

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