The big, pink, and forgetful buddy Slowbro is one of the playable characters in Pokémon Unite! Slowbro is a beefy Pokémon in the original games, absorbing the deadliest blows with relative ease. Slowbro brings that tankiness to Pokémon Unite, plus some interesting psychic moves! Everything we know so far about Slowbro in Pokémon Unite will be explained right here in this guide!

Slowbro’s Attributes

Slowbro is a ranged defender suited for intermediate players. Slowbro’s high endurance allows it to enter the fray without even flinching, thanks to its Oblivious passive, which converts incoming damage to damage over time. On top of that, any damage Slowbro deals while Oblivious is active will remove some staggered damage over time, which means Slowbro is at its strongest when it’s in the middle of the battlefield.

Slowbro starts the match out as Slowpoke at level 1, then evolves appropriately at level 4.

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Slowbro’s Moves

Passive: Oblivious

When the Pokémon receives damage, the HP loss is gradual. When damaging an opponent with a move, the Pokémon nullifies some of the gradual HP loss it has yet to receive, and it also decreases the target’s special defense.

Base Moves

Choose one of these moves at level 1, then the other at level 3.

Water Gun – 5s CD – Melee

Shoots water forcefully, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon and decreasing their movement speed for a short time when it hits. Holding down the button for this move increases its area of effect and damage.

Slack Off – 11s CD – Recovery

Take a breather and recover HP. Let Slowbro rest for longer to recover more HP.

Level 4 Water Gun Upgrades

Choose one of these moves to morph Water Gun into an improved version.

Scald – 5s CD – Melee

Increase the vapor’s area of effect on water gun. The level 11 upgrade further increases the vapor’s area of effect.

Surf – 9s CD – Dash

Has the user charge forward on waves. The first wave deals damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect and throws them. The level 11 upgrade makes the second and third waves larger, and they also throw opposing Pokémon like the first wave does.

Level 6 Slack Off Upgrades

Choose one of these moves to morph Slack Off into an improved version.

Amnesia – 13s CD – Recovery

Recover HP just like Slack Off but also temporarily increase your special attack. The level 13 upgrade further increases the special attack bonus.

Telekinesis – 11s CD – Hindrance

Makes opposing Pokémon float with psychic power. If used again, pulls the opposing Pokémon towards the user. The level 13 upgrade increases the move’s firing speed and range.

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Unite Move

Slowbeam – Hindrance

Has the user stare at an opposing Pokémon and attack continually, dealing damage and binding them. Shields the user and makes them unstoppable while they’re using this move.

That covers everything we know about Slowbro gameplay-related, so far. Stay tuned for more updates on Pokémon Unite!

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