Blastoise in Pokemon Unite
Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

The water-type Pokemon, Blastoise, is one of the playable characters in Pokémon Unite. This Pokemon falls under the Defender category with an average Endurance rating in the game. Being a defensive Pokemon, Blastoise hinders its opponents using the rocket cannon on its shell.

However, Blastoise will not be available in the game at launch and will be added later on with an update. Everything we know so far about Blastoise in Pokémon Unite will be explained right here in this guide.

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Pokemon Unite – Blastoise Statistics

Pokemon Unite - Blastoise Statistics
Image: Pokemon Unite

Statistics in Pokemon Unite are measured in stars. Here’s the star ratings of Blastoise:

  • Offense: 2 stars
  • Endurance: 3.5 stars
  • Mobility: 2 stars
  • Scoring: 2 stars
  • Support: 3 stars

Pokemon Unite – Blastoise Moves

Level 1, Level 3

The Pokemon can learn the two moves below in the order you choose.

  • Water Gun (9s Ranged): Attacks with a shot of water, decreasing the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time. Also shoves (knockback) opposing Pokemon and leaves them unable to act after they are shoved at the maximum distance (stun).
  • Skull Bash (10s Dash): Fiercely rams an opposing Pokemon and leaves it unable to act (stun).

Level 5

The Pokemon can learn your choice of one of the two moves below.

  • Hyrdo Pump (10s Ranged): Shoots a fierce stream of water which knocks back opponents hits. Enemy Pokemon who are knocked back the furthest are stunned for a while.
    • Upgrade: Increased damage dealt.
  • Water Spout (9s Area): Spouts water towards the designated location, decreasing the movement speed of opposing Pokemon in the area of effect for a short time.
    • Upgrade: Increased damage dealt.

Level 7

The Pokemon can learn your choice of one of the two moves below.

  • Surf (12s Dash): Has the user charge forward on a wave, shoving (knockback) opposing Pokemon and leaving them unable to act (stun).
    • Upgrade: Grants a shield when this move hits.
  • Rapid Spin (11s Buff): Retracts into its shell and spins while strengthening basic attacks and spraying moves.
    • Upgrade: Increase movement speed and reduce damage taken.

Level 9

The Pokemon learns their Unite Move.

  • Hydro Typhoon (1s Melee): Blastoise’s Unite Move. Spouts water to attack while spinning and throws opposing Pokemon in a large area. The user is shielded while using this move.

Pokemon Unite – Blastoise Evolution

Blastoise Evolution

Blastoise begins as Squirtle at level 1 and then evolves into Wartortle at level 5. Finally, the Pokemon turns into Blastoise at level 9.

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