Slime Isekai Memories Characters Tier List


Studio Bandai Namco Entertainment recently introduced a new project called Slime: ISEKAI Memories. The global version is available for Android and iOS users. Players will find an exciting story based on the anime franchise they know – “About my reincarnation as a slug.” The game surprises with beautiful illustrations and animation. Slime: Isekai Memories is a turn-based RPG and in between battles, you can build your cities. This makes the game more varied. With your building, you can unlock more features in the game and gradually expand your kingdom. In our guide, you will learn the tier list of characters in Slime Isekai Memories.

Slime Isekai Memories Characters Tier List

Character rankings in Slime Isekai Memories

Tier S:

  • Rimuru Tempest (Chancellor of Tempest);
  • Gazel Dwargo (King of an Armed Nation);
  • Treyni (Budding of Deep Green).

Tier A:

  • Milim Nava (Demon Majin);
  • Veldora Tempest (Seal Releaser);
  • Hakurou (Instructor of Flashing Sword).

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Tier B:

  • Ranga Tempest (Tempest Star Wolf);
  • Shuna (Pink Ogre Heavenly Light).

Each character has his own elements to which he is predisposed. You must understand that each character has their own weaknesses and strengths, your ability to use them makes them strong.

Note: Players can receive two types of characters: combat or support characters. Combat characters are characters that fight on the battlefield. Support characters are those units that protect your combat characters and help them on the battlefield. The correct use of certain units will make any character strong.

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Slime Isekai Memories Characters Tier List


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