Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes: Tier List & Best Heroes In The Game

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Our article today will show you all the best heroes in Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes, and tell you why each of them is considered good, as well as some really good other heroes you can (and should) summon.

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If you like this game as much as we do, then you will want the best possible team to help you pass all the stages. What you need to know beforehand however, is that even some of the non Legendary heroes in this list can be considered super good, so don’t dismiss them because of their quality alone.

Since a hero will become good once it’s powered up, evolved and awakened, as well as equipped with the right Runes. So even if you have a 1 star hero like Hot Dog, it can still prove useful and quite powerful. 

Especially given that the Legendary heroes (or rather their shards) are a lot harder to come by than the other ones, it will be much easier to improve the ones you can actually grade up and obtain easier. A good 1 star hero which is maxed out can definitely beat a Legendary ones which isn’t maxed! 

Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes – Best Heroes

Here will be listed the absolute best heroes which should help you get through the early stages of the game, all the way through the last ones, but also those heroes which you can collect by summoning their shards and adding them to your team.

Some of these heroes are obtainable through the quest line (adventure mode) by grinding a stage over and over again, until you get enough shards, and some ca be obtained by other means, such as summons or even daily login rewards! 


My favorite hero, I managed to get him from the Event Summons (which you should take advantage of!) and he hasn’t let me down! It’s a powerful hero which specializez in Attack and his skills focus on dealing tons of damage to the enemy. 

He can decrease the enemy’s Endurance and explodes, but he can also inflict more damage the lower the enemy’s HP is. His Flame Fury passive has a chance to buff the Attack of his team, and if Spitfire is the leader, he passively increases the Crit Damage Rate of the whole team by 20%.

Best Runes: Strike / Fatal

Obtain From: Summon


This powerful boulder of a crab that he is (because honestly to me he looks like a weird shell boulder), Wham-Shell can decrease the target’s Endurance and increases his Defense. He’s a true tank to the bone, as he can also shield his allies! 

Also, don’t get fooled by his all mighty defense, and deem him useless attack wise, as his skill King’s Mace is proportional to his defense: the more defense he has, the stronger the attack! This skill also weakens the enemy, reducing their attack damage.

Best Runes: Ward

Obtain From: Adventure Stages 9-1 to 9-6 and Summon


Funny looking (like many others) little troll, and an expert in the craft of dynamites, this hero will blow up the enemy – literally. He can buff the team’s Attack, and also deal damage with his dynamites to the enemies. 

He is one of the early heroes you should focus on, as he is an Expert and his damage relies on a little… unconventional types of attacks.

Best Runes: Strike / Focus

Obtain From: Adventure Stages 6-1 to 6-6 and Summon


You like little lizards and dragons? How about those who can fly? Well, if you do, then Chopper will be your best pick! He will launch rockets at the enemies and cause quite a couple of booms.

His rockets can decrease the enemy’s Crit Rate, which is something you would like to use against stronger enemies especially. He can also Disrupt and remove buffs from the enemies, while boosting his Attack. His passive skill works against Fire and Tech enemies, and if they belong to that element, he has a chance to deal an extra hit!

Best Runes: Strike / Fatal

Obtain From: Adventure Stages 6-1 to 6-6 and Summon

King Pen 

You get this Legendary hero’s shards for free by simply logging in to the game. On the 28th day, you will get 25 King Pen shards which you can save to get this mighty penguin hero. He specializes in Defense, and he will make for a great tank in any team, as his skills can make him take aggro of the enemy. 

King Pen can freeze the enemies, as well as decrease their attack while buffing himself up and the team as well. His Leader skill increases the team’s Defense by 10%, so if you are facing stronger enemies, he will make for a great leader. 

Best Runes: Ward

Obtain From: Log In Rewards and Summon


He is a hero that you can obtain quite easily, and who has quite good potential. His attacks decrease the enemy’s Attack, and also explode them. That’s right, if you didn’t think there would be more explosive heroes among our picks, you were wrong! 

His Missile Rain skill is a Charge skill, which after focused, will deal a crazy amount of damage to the enemy and remove their buffs. It’s especially good versus those bosses that you just can’t seem to defeat because they keep on buffing themselves up.

Best Runes: Strike / Focus

Obtain From: Adventure Stages 3-1 to 3-6 and Summon

Hot Dog

You are starting your adventure with this hero, and he can stay alongside you for quite some time, as he is not only extremely cute, but also super useful. The Hot Dog will buff your team’s Attack and heal the team members in need, deeming him a very good Support hero.

He can be useful quite a bit until you get better heroes, and to me he worked pretty well! Especially once I added Spitfire to the team.

Best Runes: Energy / Strike

Obtain From: Adventure Stages 6-1 to 6-6 and Summon

These would be our picks for the Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes best heroes in the game. You might now want to know which heroes are good, worth keeping, and which aren’t exactly amazing. 

Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes – Tier List

Since we will not list all of the heroes, as there are quite a lot, we’ll give you our picks for the Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes tier list that we’ve gathered based on our experience within the game!

S Tier: Spitfire, Ka-Boom, King Pen, Freeze Blade, Wham-Shell

A Tier: Astroblast, Hot Dog, Chopper, Boomer, Krypt King

B Tier: Food Fight, Dino-Rang, Chain Reaction, Pit Boss

C Tier: Snap Shot, Gearshift, Gusto, Shadow Spitfire

Now don’t get us wrong, these are all picks that we made based on what we have experienced thus far. It all depends on your play style, as much as it depends on your luck getting some certain heroes!

If you have other pick preferences, make sure you share them with us! As well as why you’ve chosen the heroes you did! But in the meantime, we got a little helping hand for you if you would like to learn how to get more heroes! Also, don’t forget to check out our game guide right here! 

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Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes: Tier List & Best Heroes In The Game

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