Shining Nikki Qin Yi Character Guide: Lore, Personality and More


Qin Yi in Shining Nikki is a Designer’s Reflection available through the Workshop. A Designer’s Reflection is a fashion battle feature with a specific style focus that can help Nikki win her fight. When selected, the Designer’s Reflection can increase fight by a certain percentage, especially when using the correct Style type. This can make the difference in whether you obtain an S Rank or not! Qin Yi is one of the latest added to the Shining Nikki fashion battle game. Find out more about this handsome Designer here!

A set of Designer’s Reflections (ArkDesigner)

All About Qin Yi in Shining Nikki

Qin Yi is a Fresh SR Designer’s Reflection, with the associated set Nostalgic Dreams. He is 19-years-old and stands at 179cm, and has a distinguishing birthmark by his eye. Although he seems young, he is actually the head of the Qin family, who all have the same birthmark. Qin Yi says of his family: “It doesn’t matter who I am or what my name is, the point is I aim to present the audience with the best work.”

Qin Yi in Shining Nikki

His work as a renowned designer brings elegant and innovative designs to the fashion world, using the Cloud style to add charm and truly make an impression on his audience. He is also a well-known performer with the Neverfall Troupe, of which he is the founder. His belief is that performing helps him find his self-worth.

The Designer’s Reflections can be upgraded with Poetry of Time, Memory Track, Time Travel, and Gold. Upgrading increases both the Styling Power and the number of Concepts they can equip.

If you love a humble and artistic Designer with a flair for performing, and a heart for success, then Qin Yi is your man!

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Shining Nikki Qin Yi Character Guide: Lore, Personality and More


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