Designer’s Reflection is a feature, or you can say a mechanic in Shining Nikki that allows players to unlock exclusive Passive Effects and Call of Reflection, that increases players’ performance in battle. It also helps players in increasing their Styling Power.

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By Awakening the Designer’s Reflection, players can increase their Styling Power even more whilst acquiring Awakened Sets. All this makes awakening the Designer’s Reflection an important task. So to help you out, we have prepared a guide on how to rank up and awaken a Designer’s Reflection in Shining Nikki.

How to Awaken a Designer’s Reflection in Shining Nikki

To Awaken a Designer’s Reflection in Shining Nikki, players have to collect an entire clothing set and rank up the Designer’s Reflection to a designated level. Once all that is done, players can use Memory Echoes to awaken the Designer’s Reflection in Shining Nikki.

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So, how to rank up your Designer’s Reflection?.

Go to the Designer’s Reflection menu and select the “Rank Up” tab. There you can rank up your designer’s reflection granted, you have the rank-up materials to ascend. Ranking up will cost you Coins and Memory Keys. But, in return, it will increase your Styling Power.

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How to obtain rank up materials in Shining Nikki?

You can head over to Shining Nikki home screen and select “Start Journey”, located in the middle bottom portion. From there, select team mode and do Neverfall Curtains to get rank-up materials.

Shining Nikki is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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