Shining Nikki

Stylists from all over the world are loving this beautifully designed and intimate dress-up game. However, some newbies are struggling to reach the top rankings so we are here to help players reach the best rankings in any styling battle.

When you enter the Main Story and choose a stage to complete, Momo is there to help you. Tap on Momo’s Guide to see your current styling power compared to what you need to achieve the Best Styling Power.

Momo can guide you to where you need to go to achieve the highest styling power!

Momo will calculate your Best Styling Power to give you the highest possible outcome. This calculation is based on various stats including your Designer’s Reflection rank and level and, of course, your clothing. Some stages need specific items or Designer’s Reflection to pass.

If you do not have the correct items or upgrades, Momo will show you where to go to improve your stats. For instance, Momo may show you that you need a specific dress to complete the stage, and if you tap Improve, Momo will show you where to go to obtain that piece: either the Store to purchase it or to the Workshop to craft it.

Visit the Store to purchase the perfect item, or craft something amazing in the Workshop!

Once you are in the dressing room, stylists can tap Recommended and Nikki will be dressed automatically to fit the theme and achieve the best possible outcome, or you can choose the items yourself as usual. Once you have the correct outfit and Designer’s Reflection it is time to battle!

Each battle uses four categories for judging along with Designer’s Reflection:

  • Perfect Hairstyle (hair)
  • Stunning Aura (dress)
  • Brisk Pace (shoes)
  • Shiny Shiny (accessories)
Tap each category as it is highlighted, and join up the sequence for a perfect Shining Moment!

The stylist must tap on each as they are highlighted with sparkles. You can summon Designer’s Reflection at any point to add to your styling power.

The categories are highlighted in a particular order every time:

  • Stunning Aura
  • Shiny Shiny
  • Shiny Shiny
  • Perfect Hairstyle (after which you must join up the Shining Moment sequence)
  • Shiny Shiny
  • Shiny Shiny
  • Shiny Shiny
  • Brisk Pace

Be aware: some opponents try to trick you and switch them around mid-battle!

As long as you have everything in place you will achieve a perfect S Ranking every time. Happy styling!

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