Pinnacle Battles are team-only seasonal events in Shining Nikki where players participate in special team battles to obtain exclusive skins and clothing sets. 

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In this Shinning Nikki guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the Pinnacle Battles event. 

Shining Nikki Pinnacle Battles Event Guide

The Pinnacle Battle event has two-time slots during which players can challenge different difficulty levels for the ongoing season. The first time slot opens at 11:00 and ends at 15:00. Meanwhile, the second time slot is from 18:00 to 00:00. 

How to Participate in Pinnacle Battles in Shining Nikki 

Players can participate in Pinnacle Battles using one Supernova and ten Stamina points, granted players are not in assist mode. 

How to Get Supernova in Shining Nikki 

Players can have a max of two Supernovas at a time. Thankfully, players get two free Supernovas on Wednesday and Saturday at server reset. 

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If you are a Privilege Card or Gem Cardholder, you can buy an additional Supernova for each server reset. In case you have both the service active, you can buy two additional Supernova on each server reset. 

Shining Nikki Pinnacle Battles Event Seasons, Difficulties, and Styling Power Requirements

Shining Nikki Pinnacle battle event seasons are split into four different difficulty levels. And based on that, players need to satisfy a Styling Power requirement to take part in the seasonal event. 

  • Difficulty 1 (Recommended Styling Power: 4000)
  • Difficulty 2 (Recommended Styling Power: 10000)
  • Difficulty 3 (Recommended Styling Power: 16000)
  • Difficulty 4 (Recommended Styling Power: 20300)

All four difficulty levels have their story piece that players can uncover by challenging the difficulty level. Players can even re-visit the ongoing season unlocked story via the Story button available in Pinnacle Battle main screen. 

Pinnacle Battles Event Rewards

The Pinnacle Battles event in Shining Nikki rewards players with 100 EXP points and 1-3 Designer’s Reflection shards for each battle. Players can exchange the obtained Designer’s Reflection shards for exclusive Designer’s Reflection, though, you require a decent number of shards for it, and you have to farm them by taking part in more battles. 

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Challenging the higher difficulty levels will give players a chance to obtain around four shards for two different clothing pieces for a given exclusive clothing set. With enough shards, players can unlock the Clothing piece for free. 

Shining Nikki is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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Shining Nikki Pinnacle Battles Event Guide: Seasons, Difficulties, and More


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