The gorgeous styling battle game from PaperGames has a new event this month and this time Nikki is taking us to the seaside!

The Styling Nikki: Seaside Holiday event runs between 12 August to 22 August and brings stylists all new time-limited summon for exclusive outfits, all-new story set at Aero Island, and beach parties to attend with your friends. There are also many more rewards and gifts to obtain!

Exclusive outfits from the Holiday Memory Summons

As with every new event comes a new summon page and this time stylists are offered two stunning outfits they can try to complete by spending Cerulean Letters. Cerulean Letters are available to purchase with Pink Gems or as rewards for completing stages- these rewards can be accepted in the Event Center.

Win Cerulean Letters and use them to summon exclusive items!

When stylists clear the stages of the new story set (stages 1-4) in Aero Island they earn Popsicles- the more popsicles earned, the more Holiday Gifts they can acquire. These gifts can be Gold, Memory Keys, clothing items, Concept Shards, Pink Gems, and Memory Tracks. Wearing items from the event’s Holiday Memory collections will boost your styling power.

Earn Popsicles to gain Holiday Gifts

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The second part of the Seaside Holiday event on Aero Island, Funfair Challenge, is unlocked after stylists complete stages 1-4. Here players complete the stages to earn the Crane of Courage rewards to swap for items at the Seaside Booth. At the Seaside Booth stylists can swap their Cranes of Courage for Memory Tracks, Memory Keys (R/SR), Concept Packs, or Gold. The stages at the Funfair Challenge can be attempted 5 times a day (the first attempt does not count as one fo the 5 a day) so players can try to earn as many Cranes as possible. TIP: The best way to earn the most Cranes is to use your 5 daily attempts on the final stage every day as it offers the most Cranes!

Swap Cranes for rewards at the Seaside Booth

Every day there will be another addition to the stages- Day 1 is Seaside Holiday, Day 2 is Courage Challenge, Day 3 is Comet Beach, and so on. Each stage must be completed before stylists can move on to the next.

Don’t forget to go to all the parties (3 a day) to earn even more Gold, Memory Tracks, and Memory Keys.

Happy styling!

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