Shining Nikki is a game with lots of activities, and one of the upcoming ones is called Nail Salon. It is a new feature that will allow players to do manicures for different customers. This guide will walk you through all the basics of Nail Salon in Shining Nikki.

Shining Nikki Nail Salon Basics Guide

The first thing you will see in Nail Salon is a menu with the table on the background and different buttons. The top button with purple hexagons in it will lead you to nail researches. This is mostly the same as researches on guild makeup. Here you will be able to unlock new nail sets by progressing through the game.

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The button painted in purple color will lead you to the Gacha for nails. There you will see 4 different tabs:

  • The first tab is a shop where you can buy a lot of things for nails. It uses the black tickets as currency.
  • The second tab is the main Gacha where you can get different nails.
  • The third tab is another Gacha with nails but this one is for new nail sets and it is time-limited.
  • The last tab is another shop where you can buy past limited-time nail sets paying with multicolored pastel tickets.

The third button with a purple flask will lead you to the art diy for nails. You will be able to change and decorate your nails there.

The last button is placed in the left bottom corner and it will lead you to the nail shop. There you will be able to work with customers. You can work with 5 clients per day. It will provide you with two different options — the blue button is for auto mode, and the purple button is for manual control mode.

Each customer will come with a limited budget and some wishes. Just tap on the desired attribute and do whatever will come up. Don’t go over the budget and you will become a great manicure master.

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