Hotel Infiltration is part of Shining Nikki’s first ever big event—Lodden’s Night—which runs until the 6th of August 2021. The Hotel Infiltration section has an exciting story with paths to take to discover secrets.

The aim is to make your way through the branches of the story, collecting items of interest on the way, completing style battles, and earning diamonds and Astral Cards for gacha pulls to win event items.

Players are invited to a mysterious auction at Lodden Hotel, and to buy special packs during the event.

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Stylists are recommended to purchase Astral Card Packs in the Shop, although the event is still perfectly fun and exciting without spending any money. The packs include Astral Cards which are spent on summons (gacha pulls) to obtain the items for the Lodden’s Night event. The Lodden’s Night outfits—Mercury Nightmist Aria and Zoey Gold Gilt Dream—are required to complete two of the stages and win the exclusive dress.

Spend Astral Cards on summoning beautiful items during the Lodden’s Night event

The Hotel Infiltration story involves making choices that impact the outcome, but it is nothing too dramatic to worry about. The stages are pretty straightforward, and there are options to retry if you make the wrong move, to go back to previous branches to see the other outcomes. There are 15 different stages to complete, earning you Astral Cards, a pose, and a dress exclusive to the event.

Complete all 15 stages to get the exclusive event dress!

Work your way through the story, discovering items to help you unlock the next stage, and battling in fabulous style as you go. Pay attention to the symbol in the top left of each stage- this shows you which style will get you the most points. Items summoned or won in the event will also earn you a percentage bonus during each battle.

Increase your points during a styling battle by wearing the right items!

Do not worry if you don’t get an S rating in your styling battles—the only way to do so is by using items from the event—but you can still complete 13 of the stages and earn cards and a pose without them.

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Each box on the branches is a new area to investigate- these are places in the hotel where you and Nikki will find items and complete style battles. In each room, you can access the hotel map and find out how many items you need to find. You discover these items by tapping around the room. Some items contain a code you need to enter into a keypad. These are not very difficult to find as they are the only items with numbers on them- such as a business card, or on a photo. If the item has a number on it you can be assured you will need to use it later! Other items you will need to help discover items in other rooms- such as a sharp knife to cut something open and discover another item inside… The game also gives you visual clues of a shining circle showing you where to tap if you have missed an item in the room.

Find out how many items are in each room on the Hotel Map

Don’t forget to redeem your rewards at the bottom of the page, and spend your Astral Cards on exclusive Lodden’s Night clothing and Designer’s Reflections. Happy Styling!

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