Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 13


This is the thirteenth and last part of our comprehensive walkthrough for Shining Force 2, so let’s get started! This article picks up just where part 12 left off and goes forth all the way up to the last fight, which takes place after the credits have rolled.

Let’s get right into it.

The Maze

  • After passing through the Devil’s Head, you will reach the Maze. Proceed straight ahead up the stairs. Take the first floor up, then the stairs down, and finally the floor all the way up. Take the steps on the left, then turn around and head back down. Proceed upward and keep following the trail after you encounter four forks. Proceed up and then back down the steps.
  • Take the slide on the left and then turn right to reach the stairs. You need to get to the very top and then take the very top slide. Proceed up the stairs and through the door at the top.
    You will find Odd Eye at that location, or Oddler. He challenges you to either give up the diamond or perish.
  • Bowie is unwilling, so Odd Eye builds a floor for them to fight on. Make your way to Odd Eye. Following each rotation, sections of the floor will collapse.
  • Fight your way to the Odd Eye. When you do manage to catch up with him, encircle him and launch as many attacks as you can at him. You may win the fight by defeating him. Once Odd Eye has been vanquished, he will reflect on the time he and the Force had together during their conversation with the Force. The next thing he says is that he doesn’t want to relive his existence as a demon anymore.
  • Astral encourages them to go on and to keep Oddler in their thoughts at all times. Proceed farther inside the tower and climb the stairs to reach the area where Creed is waiting for you. He has come to provide assistance and to perform the duties of a Priest. After you have saved your game and revived, go to the exit.
  • You will be met by a Reaper as you enter this area. After that, he threatens to take your life. This fight is quite frustrating. There are monsters hiding behind the columns, and when they reveal themselves to you, they attack you before you have a chance to respond. Climb the side of the tower and engage the Reaper in combat once you reach the top. Be careful to eliminate the Blue Shaman and the Demon Master before they are able to launch an assault.

The Reaper

  • You must eliminate the Reaper in order to proceed. After saving your game at Creed’s, go to the top of the tower. You should make your way into the chamber in the center. Elis is about to make the ultimate sacrifice for Zeon. Galam will be there to assault, since Zeon has not been completely resurrected yet.
  • Take precautions to ensure that nobody is hurt or killed, since there is no going back now. Be wary of Galam’s usage of Demon Breath, which he has at his disposal. If King Galam gets close, you should disregard the other creatures and direct all of your rage on him. You must eliminate Galam in order to win the fight.
  • Zeon shows up just as Bowie and Elis are about to get a minute to themselves. Elis loses consciousness as Zeon gains control of King Galam’s strength. You have no other option except to engage in combat. Because Zeon is immobile, you should avoid approaching him until all the other demons have been vanquished.
  • Be careful to ask the Blue Shaman for the Healing Rain when you talk to him. When there is just Zeon remaining, you should construct a rank. Put your less powerful attackers into the arena first, followed by your more powerful ones. One after the other. Demon Breath is also available to Zeon to utilize.
  • Utilizing Boost and the Power Ring are both quite helpful in this regard. If you move the healers so that they are three spaces away from the attacker, everything should proceed well.
  • Galam gets possessed by Zeon just before Elis reveals his true identity to her. He claims that he cannot pass away, but that he is susceptible to being weakened, which is all that Mitula requested. Peter is asked by Zeon to remove the Jewel of Evil that is attached to Bowie.
  • Peter bestows the Jewel to Zeon. Elis falls into a profound slumber as a result of the curse that Zeon casts upon her. After that, he sets fire to the lemon, which is deadly to vampires. Astral and Peter make an assault, but they are successfully repelled.
  • The gem is knocked away from Bowie, who is then shoved away himself. Then, the Jewel of Light glows and brings Lemon back to life. Galam applies more fire on him, but the Jewel protects him each time and allows him to survive.
  • Lemon seizes Zeon and transports him along with him to the other dimension. Mitula appears at the same time as Astral, Peter, and Bowie are examining Elis. She mentions that both she and Volcanon have been keeping an eye out. She claims that the only thing that kept Lemon safe from the flames was Volcanon. Volcanon was quoted as saying that he would deceive the demons by abandoning the inhabitants of the earth.
  • After that, she removes the two diamonds and continues with the explanation of Elis’s curse. After that, Mitula locks the Tower’s doors, and the members of the Force manage to escape.

Two Years Later

  • After another 2 years, Elis’ face began to take on a pink hue. You will need to go to Astral’s school in order to get directions to the castle from him. They all agree that Bowie should be the one to wake her awake by giving her a kiss. Take a look at this hilarious Force-related scenario. Proceed to the top level and take a position next to Elis’ bed there. If you give Bowie a yes answer, he will kiss Elis. The result of it is already known.

Last Battle

  • While you are watching the credits roll, you will learn the old witch’s actual appearance. After it reads “Fin,” you will need to wait for some time for… The one and only showdown! You will battle all the previous bosses, in addition to a Dark Smoke and two Prism Flowers. This fight is only for entertainment purposes.
  • When seen from above, the map will have the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is also the location where you first made contact with Claude. This fight may prove to be difficult.
  • Keep your distance from Zeon and utilize objects to heal yourself as necessary. You must vanquish the enemies in the same order as you encountered them.
  • Remove the Prism Flowers from the scene as well. When just Zeon is still standing, assault him in the same way you did in the last fight.

That cocludes our guide for Shining Force 2 Part 13 walkthrough! Good luck and thank you for reading!

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Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 13


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