Are you looking for the Shindo Life Update 139 patch notes? Then read the below article as we share the complete patch notes for the Shindo Life August update, sharing details on the new characters, bug fixes, and others. 

Shindo Life is an action-roleplaying game on the Roblox platform inspired by Naruto and other manga and anime series bringing players a vast open world filled with different locations, mini-bosses, creatures, and other things. And with the recent Update 139, Shindo Life went through a massive change as the game got new playable characters like Bruce Kenichi, new skins, and a myriad of bug fixes and quality of life changes. 

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Seeing that, we have shared Shindo Life Update 139 patch notes that you can go through to check out the new additions, bug fixes, and other changes. 

Shindo Life Update 139 Patch Notes

Below you can find Shindo Life Update 139 patch notes – 

New Characters and Skins 

  • Bruce Kenichi
  • Dr Fate Skin

Bug Fixes and More

  • Paper 1st move re-balanced, chi take reduce, cd increase, dmg fix
  • Glacier C Spec speed increase
  • Glacier 3rd move handsign reduce, auto tracking speed increased
  • Glacier 1st move handsign reduce
  • Dokei C Spec damage buff
  • Dokei 3rd move faster auto tracking
  • Dokei 1st move have same movement at Batman 1st
  • Ember Hurricane buff
  • Light/Dark/Gold Jokei Stage 1-3 m1 knockback removed
  • Kamizuru m1 poison damage buff
  • Seishin C spec damage increased
  • Seishin moded m1 knockback removed
  • saberu 2nd move damage added to clones (12k per clone)
  • dangan q spec buff
  • dangan beast summon last m1 block break
  • dangan mode knockback removed
  • sand z spec damage reduce
  • sand mode combat knock removed
  • sand 2nd takes more chi
  • byakugan gold/ byakugan Q Spec new movement
  • Kenichi stm take reduce on all moves
  • Kenichi 1st handsign removed
  • Kenichi 2nd move aoe buff

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  • Upgrade: m1 delays to air combo white list abilities
  • Konchu C Spec damage fix
  • Konchu 3rd move handsign reduce
  • Konchu 2nd move damage buff
  • Paper C Spec, cooldown reduce, auto tracking speed increase
  • Paper 3rd move chi reduce, damage increase, handsign reduced
  • Paper 2nd move chi reduced
  • Kenichi 2nd stage passive auto dodge nerf
  • black lightning mode 1 sec iframe added, z spec damage increase
  • black lightning 3rd move breaker removed placed to 1st, cd reduce
  • black lightning 2nd move range increase cd reduce
  • black lightning 1st move turned into blockbreaker, auto tracking removed, speed increase
  • Azarashi 1st stage endlag remove
  • infinite m1 patch v2
  • Q spec fix
  • Storm 3rd move aoe reduce, handsigns removed, 2 second iframe added, GCD 2
  • Storm 2nd move damage increase, auto tracking/hitbox improved
  • Storm 1st move range fix, damage fix
  • Ink 3rd move chi reduce, damage increase

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  • Shizen 2nd move damage re shuffle. sleep stun damage
  • Wanziame Z Spec hitbox fix, slow’s down opponent, speed buff
  • Wanziame 1st move auto tracking speed increase
  • Handsigns removed from Kerada 1st move
  • Kokotsu Q Spec knock back removed, damage fix
  • Paper Q Spec, paper shuriken, add explosion effect, rotate shuriken
  • Okami 3rd move remake (arena version)
  • Okami c spec re make
  • Minakami (Shirogane) q spec turret flame thrower
  • Konchu 1st move damage counter fix
  • Konchu M1 no knockback chi drain fix
  • Kokotsu (kaguya) 2nd move have same movement at batman 1st
  • Wanziame (hoshigaki) z spec cooldowns down after it’s activated
  • Giovanni/Jotaro 2nd stage knockback removed
  • Giovanni + Jotaro 2nd mode drain reduced heavil
  • Jotaro visual changes
  • Dangan block break fix

Shindo Life is currently available on Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms via Roblox.

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Shindo Life Update 139 Patch Notes: New Characters, Bug Fixes, and More


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