How to Use Raion in Shindo Life

How to Use Raion in Shindo Life

Shindo Life is one of the most popular Roblox games. Players in it will be able to explore a variety of worlds based on the universes of Naruto, Bleach, and so on. The game has a wide variety of weapons, abilities, and bloodlines that will drastically change the gaming experience. In this guide, we will tell you about the Raion bloodline.

How to Use Raion

Raion-Akuma is one of the rarest eye bloodlines. This bloodline allows you to counterattack enemies and deals massive fire damage to them. In total there are 4 different modes that the player can use. Each of them requires a certain bloodline level:

  • 1 – level 50
  • 2 – level 450
  • 3 – level 800
  • 4 – level 800

To activate the Raion-Akuma modes, the player must hold down C and then select the mode by clicking on the desired number. While Raion-Akuma is active, players spend 25 MD per second. Mode 4 consumes 125 MD per second.

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  • During the activation of the first mode, the player’s speed increases slightly. And by pressing right-click, the player can launch black fireballs, which, when they hit groups of enemies, explode and cause increased damage.
  • The second Raion-Akuma mode greatly increases the player’s speed. It also summons the Armored Samurai Spirit which increases your melee range. And while pressing the right button, Armored Samurai Spirit shoots an arrow with black flame.
  • The third mode increases the range of melee attacks.
  • And finally, the fourth mode combines all the previous ones. Your melee attacks have a huge radius. By pressing the right button, you can summon the Armored Samurai Spirit. He will inflict several attacks with his sword and set fire to opponents with black flames. And pressing Q Samurai Spirit will shoot several arrows with black flames.

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How to Use Raion in Shindo Life


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