Shindo Life Kamaki Bloodline Showcase: Buffs, Abilities, and More


There are lots of different Roblox RPGs based on numerous anime franchises and one of the most interesting among them is called Shindo Life. In this project, you will be able to find a huge amount of powers and abilities from various universes. One of the most important things is your Bloodline. In this guide, we will tell you about the Kamaki Bloodline in Shindo Life and provide you with a showcase of its buffs, abilities, and more.

Kamaki Bloodline Skills in Shindo Life

Kamaki Bloodline in Shindo Life has a few skills that you can use to deal damage to your opponents and teleport to them. Here is the list of all moves that you can use with this bloodline:

  • Portal Slice – This skill creates a blade in your hand and teleports you to the target. After that, you will be able to hit your opponent and deal a significant amount of damage.
  • Dimension Warp – This ability creates five energy cubes behind your back. You will be able to shoot with those cubes and deal AoE damage to your opponents. Also, these energy things stay for a short period of time and allow you to teleport to them.
  • Dimension – This move attacks your opponent with a red laser and creates an energy cube. You can use this cube for teleportation just like with the second skill.

Kamaki Bloodline Buffs in Shindo Life

Kamaki Bloodline provides you with the ability to enter the special mode that increases your character’s CHI, NIN, TAI, and HP. Also, it provides you with the ability to teleport in the direction your character runs. You just need to press the dash button and your character will start to teleport every few seconds.

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However, the most important skills of the Kamaki Bloodline mode are C and Q moves. When you are in the first stage of the mode you can shoot a few energy projectiles with the C button and cast an energy beam with the Q button. In the second stage, you can counter-attack and run at a higher speed. Also, it gives you more stats and provides you with a slight improvement in other skills.

Kamaki Bloodline is awesome and you definitely should use it. Good luck with your adventures in Shindo Life!

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Shindo Life Kamaki Bloodline Showcase: Buffs, Abilities, and More


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