Shindo Life Item Spawn List (2022)


Shindo Life is an incredibly addictive Roblox RPG. Players can explore different locations, fight enemies, complete missions, and, of course, upgrade their characters. In the game, you can find many different weapons and ability scrolls. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you about the Shindo Life Item spawn list.

Shindo Life Item Spawn List

Like any other RPG, in Shindo Life, you need to explore different locations to progress. There are many different locations in the game, and in each of them, many Items will spawn at a certain time. Each Item spawns twice a day at the same time. So, we compiled a list of all Item locations, by EST. 

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Shindo Life Sub-ability Scrolls Spawn List

LocationSub-ability Scrolls
BlazeReality Talk, 5:35
Reptile Cursed Spirit, 12:20
Divination Spirit, 2:20
Confusion Illusion Technique, 8:10
DunesHeavenly Spirit, 6:45
Dunes Fate Spirit, 4:30
Su Tailed Spirit Generation 2, 3:30
Air Control, 7:15
Heavenly Spirit, 6:45
Chu Tailed Spirit Generation 2, 7:10
EmberSpirit Bomb-Shuriken Rush, 2:45
Vanishing Image, 2:45
Reality Style: Warp, 12:45
Multi-Vanishing Clones, 12:25
Akuma Eternal Hand, 12:20
Senko: Spirit Bomb, 4:15
Shock Style: Electro Blade, 3:55
Demon Gate Spirit, 3:30
Jayramaki Frog Spirit, 2:45
Narumaki Toad Spirit, 2:45
Ember Fate Spirit, 5:25
Flame Control, 5:10
Vanishing Clone: Barrage, 4:40
Medical Mode-Transfer, 11:35
Tree Illusion Technique, 7:15
Kor Tailed Spirit Generation 2, 6:10
Specialist Spirit, 5:35
Forest of EmbersShock Style: Dual Electro, 2:45
Demon Warp, 2:45
Bat Cursed Spirit, 2:15
Exploding Vanishing Image, 6:30
Vanishing Spirit Bomb, 4:25
Super Odama Spirit Bomb, 2:45
Reaper Spirit (SL2), 7:25
Fire Shurikens, 9:30
Reaper Spirit, 8:25
Great Narumaki BridgeNarumaki Barrage, 1:15
Great Spiraling Spirit Bomb, 12:15
Narumaki Vanishing Multi-Clone, 3:25
Narumaki Vanishing Clone, 2:10
HazeHaze Fate Spirit, 6:20
Liquid Control, 3:20
Demonic Spirit, 2:45
Sei Tailed Spirit Generation 2, 10:10
Isu Tailed Spirit Generation 2, 9:30
NimbusShockslam Technique, 3:35
Heavenly Wall, 3:10
Cobra Spirit Awaken, 2:35
Stone Control, 12:35
Ku Tailed Spirit Generation 2, 12:10
Captain Jokei, 5:30
Snail Spirit Awaken, 5:20
Water Vanishing Image, 5:15
Sun Tailed Spirit Generation 2, 11:30
Obelisk Fate Spirit, 7:30
Senko: Storm, 5:40
TempestCobra Stretch Mode, 7:45
Snake Summon, 3:35
Toad Cursed Spirit, 1:20
Toad Summon, 11:20
Cobra Stretch Mode, 7:45
Snake Summon, 3:35
Training FieldsSpider Cursed Spirit, 2:20
Saberu Suprise, 1:50
Air Style: Odama Spirit Bomb, 1:30
Spirit Spear, 1:30
Peekaboo Jutsu, 11:20
Lightning Shurikens, 10:10
Finite Strength Spirit, 2:45

Shindo Life Weapons Spawn List

BlazeDual Chi Rods 6:20
Chi Rod Toss 1:25
Dawn HideoutSL2 Slayer Blade, 1:15
Shark Sword, 1:10
Demon-Scythe, 12:40
Forged Umpire Fan, 12:00
SL2 Shindai Prime Blade, 4:15
Shindai Umpire Fan, 4:15
Grass Tanto, 11:20
SL2 Heaven Blade, 8:15
DunesElectro Blade, 5:50
SL2 Bomb Blade, 2:15
Dunes Chi Blade, 1:25
Dagai Sword, 6:40
Air Style Fan, 6:25
EmberAzim Dual Senko, 2:50
Chi Kunai, 2:45
Ember Chi Blade, 12:25
Dio Senko Blade, 3:35
SL2 Senko Kunai, 3:15
Senko Kunai, 3:10
SL2 Chi Kunai, 11:15
Shizen Raijin, 6:15
Satori Blade, 5:10
Forest of EmbersShiver Tanto, 5:45
Moon Staff, 1:30
HazeHaze Chi Blade, 3:25
Demon Toss, 2:40
Bubble Flute, 1:40
Bomb Blade, 12:10
SL2 Thread Blade, 6:15
SL2 Dual Lightning, 5:15
Rykan Blade, 5:10
Dual-Bladed Scythe, 9:45
Thread Blade, 9:30
Dual Lightning, 9:20
Hamaxe, 9:10
Riserdawn, 8:55
Slayer Blade, 8:40
JejunesSuper Serum, 6:15
Rice Cake, 4:20
Plate of Curry, 2:25
Heroes Water, 12:10
NimbusNimbus Sword, 7:25
Nimbus Chi Blade, 2:25
SL2 Nimbus Sword, 12:15
Acrobat Style, 9:15
Shindo Blade, 7:55
Samurai Tanto, 7:45
ObeliskSound Flute, 7:40
SL2 Grass Tanto, 7:15
Raion Blade, 5:25
Kokotsu Blade, 4:10
Umpire Guitar, 11:10
Stone Buster, 10:40
Triple Cobalt Blade, 10:25
Alphirama Blade, 9:40
Two Bladed Scythe, 11:40
Obelisk Chi Blade, 11:25
Savage Blade, 11:25
TempestRiser Akuma Blade, 7:44
Heaven Blade, 4:15
Pika Blade, 8:32
Training FieldsSun Staff, 3:15
Saberu Tanto, 2:20
Bankai Blade, 3:25

Now you know the spawn locations of all items in Shindo Life. Use our guide to find the items you want. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to skip the Spin Animation.

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Shindo Life Item Spawn List (2022)


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