Building a strong clan in CivCrafter is vital if you want to get the most out for your civilization, including amazing bonuses to your resource productions and clan conquest points (although getting there is really difficult). Either way, building an amazing clan is not impossible, but getting active members to join it might prove a bit more difficult than you’d think.

Therefore, I have created this article where I’m inviting players to promote their CivCrafter Clan and share the Invite codes for their clan so that other players looking for glory and massive cooperation can join the clan. It’s that easy!

So if you are a clan owner and you want to build the ultimate clan, go to your clan’s page and copy the invite code. Then paste it here and other players will join you. If you have specific requirements (like number of Trophies required or minimum trophies per day), then you can share those details as well.

If you are a player looking for a solid clan to join, simply check out the comments below and choose the clan that seems the best candidate for you. Remember – being part of an extremely active clan will give you bonuses and even the chance to earn some free gold! So check out the listings below and make your pick. If it’s not working as it should, you can always come back later and check for more.

Good luck and have fun ruling the world! And don’t forget to check out our CivCrafter tips and tricks for beginners here if you need some extra help to get started.


  1. umm is 1400 soldiers good enough for you clan? I’ve only been playing for one day. i want to try to get more guys. I’m also starting the upgrade for ranges

  2. Hey folks, I just started a new clan called “big lebowskis”. Invite code is xykyh336. No big requirements at this point, Just looking to have fun!

  3. Hey guy! Newly formed clan for active players. Get that +20% bonus in no time! For those who actively war monger – MAGMA

    code: DEZUR622

    See you in game

  4. Looking for serious players only, I am tired of inactive clans I have joined 5 that in a matter of hours surpassed the clan leader just started playing this game but already have over 500+ trophies! Clan code is tymeh262

  5. I’m full of resources, just wanted to recruit Realm teritoried or empired players to attack either realm or empire only.

    PinoyPride clan Dedicated to pinoy active and strategic players.

    I can summon 3 dragons per minute. ..1.123billion piety per day. 490k+ population. Code HYFEV733 …UPPERCASED LETTERS.
    TO ALL PINOYS, i need ur 5 days old account.

  6. I’m looking for the top 10 clans via conquest. If full, reserve 1 slot for me.
    I’m very active raider with 300K Knights(warriors and archers are garbage).
    I got already over one million population and
    My dragon upgrade(The Deep) is almost done reserved 1,000M piety(max). Can generate 5 dragons per minute.
    I’ll be a big help to your clan starting next conquest tournament.
    Send me your clan code at my facebook: Jhonriel Cauba Gaudiano

  7. Before I tell you what my clan code is I need to tell you what is the requirements. Get at least 10 skulls per day more would be nice and be active. My clan is The winners and the clan code is DEKYN947 in all caps.

    Thank you

  8. Hello. I am Lord BlueSlayer, ruler of “The Slayer”. We are a new clan looking for active members. The trophy requirement is at least 100 trophys. If we come together, We will Slay the opposition.

  9. Join my clan PEQAG374 I just made it so its empty but I already have 1.2k skulls and I’m looking for people who can make around 100-200 skulls per day :) trophy requirements are non-existent, just need active fighters, let aim for the top of the conquest board!!!

  10. Hello.
    Join Legio XIII, after Ceasar’s thirteenth legion. I have only 100 trophies so far, and anyone can join as long as you are an active player and you really like the game.
    Invite code: MYNUR332

  11. Clan KRAKOW. More than 4800 skulls earned by myself in few days. Only for hard players. Join if you want to see yourself on week first 10 conquest board and win extra gold. Weak players will be kicked – sorry. Invite code: HEJEQ792

  12. Clan:vaultkeepers
    Requirements:must get a minimum of 10 or a maximum of 500 skulls.must be active.must help be one of the top ten clans for coins

  13. New active clan: Phantoms
    A clan for active players
    Need 100+ trophies and you have to win skulls every week.
    Clan code: MYPEZ323.
    Only just created so join to add numbers

  14. We’re a new clan looking for new members to join our ranks, we will be working on getting a group together an setting up a form of external communications on Line (a chat app) to communicate outside of the game to operate as a team.

    **Clan Name: Seventh Order**

    **Clan Motto: The Order Comes First**

    **Clan Trophies: 115**

    **Clan Ranking (Trophies): 27097**

    **Clan Ranking (Skulls): 1397**

    **Invite Code: DACAJ633**

    **Clan Requirements: Line Chat Installed. 0 Trophies**

  15. Clan Cannabis Chrystal tag THC
    Invite code is kuwez676
    Cleaning out inactive members, spots will fill fast
    Consistently make top 100 on my trophies 80% and the rest of the clan 20%
    I have 6000 trophies, full wonder upgrades and 500k knights at my disposal.
    You will fit right in, if you are active at all during a conquest event you are welcome. Your entry numbers don’t matter as I am looking for long term players

  16. Join the Red Faction!
    I am EOS and together we can take down Ultor and finally claim Mars as our own.

    *New faction looking for dedicated players*


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