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Shadow Fight Arena belongs to the fighting game genre and is characterized by intense battles that take place mainly between real players. AI can only be fought in two cases. Firstly, this happens when the game cannot find a suitable opponent for a long time. Secondly, computer opponents enter the arena during training fights. Fighting them, you can practice strikes, learn to protect yourself, etc.

As with all fighting games, Shadow Fight Arena is based on characters. There are 18 fighters in the game at the moment. They differ from each other in characteristics and skills. Each hero can be improved by unlocking new skills and increasing the main parameters.

At the initial stage, only 3 characters will be available to you: the old blacksmith Ling, the monk Shang and the legionnaire Kate. In this Shadow Fight Arena characters guide, we will talk about them.

Shadow Fight Arena Ling Guide

Ling Shadow Fight Arena

Ling is an old shadow weaponsmith who decided to take part in the battles in the Arena. He never gives up his katana and a mysterious flask.

The character will appeal to fans of fast and calm battles. Of all the starting characters, Ling has the best defense parameter. Therefore, when choosing him, it is better to play defensively, blocking and dodging enemy attacks and waiting for the right moment to attack.

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Thanks to his good defense and skills that allow you to break through blocks and restore health, Ling is one of the most popular characters among new players. The hero is able to cope with all enemies. The main thing to remember is that in Shadow Fight Arena, fighters put blocks on their own, but for this, the character should now move.

Monk Shang

Monk Shang is a spear fighter who worships the Dark Mind. He is able to keep opponents at a distance thanks to his long weapon. However, the advantage of the spear is that it is a little bit slow.

Shang is quite difficult to learn. To play successfully, you need to spend time understanding the basic game mechanics. In particular, you need to learn how shadow energy is generated. Without this resource, the hero’s efficiency will not be very high. It is also important to remember the hero’s shadow techniques and apply them in the right combinations.


Keith in Shadow Fight Arena is a legionnaire liquidator. She stands out from other starting heroes with high damage and armor. This character will appeal to fans of dynamic close-range combat.

Subjectively speaking, Kate is one of the most comfortable starting characters. With fast attacks, high damage, and simple combat mechanics, she will easily deal with a wide variety of opponents.


Despite the fact that Ling, Monk Shang, and Kate are received by all players, these characters cannot be called good enough. They are just needed to help you get the first 1000 rating points and unlock new characters.

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