Rules of Survival by Netease Games is an insanely high quality Battle Royale game for Android and iOS. Very similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game challenges you to be the last man standing after facing up to 120 opponents on a shrinking map.

We’re here to help you achieve that goal by sharing some Rules of Survival cheats and tips that will turn you into an expert player. Your skill matters a lot too, but for everything else, we’ve got you covered!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s talk some strategy in our Rules of Survival tips and tricks article!

Be the first one to land
Landing first is extremely important, especially if there are other players competing for the same loot as you are. This doesn’t mean that you have to be the first out of the plane – just the first one to get to a good landing spot before everybody else.

You can control your character when he’s dropping – always go straight down towards the ground, as a rocket. You don’t even have to worry about opening the parachute: when you’re getting close to the ground, it will open automatically. So don’t waste any time opening it sooner than you should because you will lose valuable time!

By being the first one to land, you guarantee yourself a solid chance at grabbing some serious loot and taking out players that were slower.

Memorize the map of the area
There’s loot all over the map so, no matter if you’re among the first to jump out of the plane or the last, you still have a ton of choices. But make sure you know exactly where the buildings are and what should you expect in the area.

Always look at the minimap when playing and, after several games, you will already know the most about your map. Make every jump count by going to an area with at least a building where you can get loot from – and where you can get to first!

Have in mind, though, that those top areas with top loot will usually be extremely crowded, so in most cases it’s a better idea to just go outside of the most popular zone and take them out one by one, maybe even after your opponents take some players out themselves.

A solid internet connection
Rules of Survival is a game that has its fair share of lag-related issues, so you want to minimize those in order to get the most out of the game. Only play when you have a strong WiFi connection available. For even more tips and tricks on how to fix connection problems in the game, check out our guide here.

Always be on the move
Unless you really know that there’s an enemy nearby, which is not behind cover and which can be easily taken out from behind a bush, you should always be on the move. Not only because of the shrinking play area (make sure you always keep an eye on that as well!) but because you’re a target that’s more difficult to be hit if you keep moving.

If you can also master shooting while moving, that’s even better because that will give you the upper edge in closer range battles where people tend to stop and shoot because of the more difficult controls.

Play with headphones
Sounds are extremely important in Rules of Survival and knowing where they come from is even more important. You get visual indicators on the compass above, but they’re difficult to follow and nothing beats hearing everything there is to be heard yourself.

Therefore, try to play with headphones if possible: this will also give you the upper hand in battle, helping you locate where those footsteps or shots are coming from.

Pro tip: Use the choppers that constantly fly over the map to your own advantage! When they go over head, they make a lot of noise and nothing else can be heard. That is a great moment to start running around without worrying that your opponents will hear you!

Find the best weapon
No matter how much strategy you know and how good you are at keeping yourself invisible, you can’t achieve a lot without having a solid weapon on your side.

The best weapons in the game are, without a doubt, the assault rifles and the scope rifles. I personally prefer the former because they give you a bit more freedom of movement, while the latter are a bit more stating a force you into playing a waiting game. That’s not really a good choice in most cases, with the shrinking play area.

You might not be able to find a great weapon as soon as you play, but always be on the lookout for one. Take what you have and put them to good use (additional mods like the better scopes and silencers are really useful), but always look to get that perfect rifle that will give you an extra advantage. The AK-47 and M16 are great, for example – but I’d go with any rifle I’d find on the map over anything else!

Close the doors behind you
This is one of the most important things that you should do in order to conceal your presence in a building: close the doors behind you.

This is a strategy that works best earlier in the game, when players won’t be very suspicious when finding closed doors as they can believe nobody visited that building yet, but it’s useful at all times. Closed doors put incoming players into a difficult situation: they have to open it and make noise. This way, you will know that they’re about to enter. Even more, if you’re not positioned directly in front of the door, you can start shooting at them and get your easy kill.

If the door is open, your opponent will be extra careful when entering the area (or ignore it completely). They might even throw in a grenade just for good measure, giving you some real trouble. So remember to always close doors behind you and on the other hand, be very careful when you see closed doors.

Find good cover and put it to good use
The fact that the play field keeps shrinking offers the perfect solution for those annoying campers, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be running around like it’s an open field an nobody has an option.

Bushes are extremely solid for cover, especially if you are in a crouching or prone position, but there are other areas that you can find to get some good cover and keep you hard to spot by incoming enemies.

You would have to use everything you have at your disposal, and there’s a lot: from hiding behind closed doors to high positions behind windows, behind fences or trees… you should always find a good spot and do some waiting. Let the enemy come to you and take them out by surprise. It’s better than the other way around!

These would be our tips and tricks for fellow Rules of Survival players. Do you have extra strategy advice that you’d like to share? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Before the endgame, it’s a mixture of luck (not everyone dropping where you do) and awareness that there’s never anyone around you when you move. Also, never run full sprint after the first few minute of the game. Always crouch run. Weapon you should want to pickup are an Assault Rifle (M4, AR15 preferred) and a Shotgun (AA, two-handle preferred).
    After this, stack up on assault and shotgun ammo, armor, and medkits/bandages. Discard everything that won’t be used (grenades, smg ammo, other attachments) to maximize the amount of ammo you can hold. You’ll be moving house to house along the border of the storm mid-game.
    At end-game, you’ll want to stop looting as you should have everything you need. You will be fully prone no matter what. You will move along the edge of the storm towards the epicenter while constantly surveying your surroundings. When the circle gets small enough for you to see the other side, just keep crawling around its edges in the grass. If you meet anyone, use your shotgun to blast them in the face (you shouldn’t use your assault rifle during end-game. Do this until you are the last man standing.

    PS: I’ve won many times with this strategy.

  2. Thompson is the best smg in the game IMO, it’s tough to find but stack up on smg ammo , never walk through fields and if you do, go bush to bush , towards the end (around 5 players left, go prone and STAY) and watch around you at all times. DO NOT stay in a car or any motor vehicle for long (it attracts to much attention) just get where you’re going , then hop out as fast as you can and get to cover.

    • Yes, the advice on the car is great, especially if you jump out while it’s still moving. The car goes on for a but then, and gives you time to get away and draws attention away slightly.

  3. I have been face to face with enemies, shot them a number of times, and still been killed. I don’t know if it’s game lag, or where I’m hitting them, but it’s extremely frustrating. Anyine have any idea what is happening?

    • You probably just got unlucky and did not see the dude (in that case, very unattentive) or you just missed your shot (improve shooting, pick up attachments, and change settings)

  4. after you land grab any weapon you can get and if you feel someone is nearby just go with the weapon only and find that guy he probably won’t have any helmet by that moment

  5. This is always my strat and some how I get 1st and 2nd place in the game.
    1.) You have gotta make a right decision of where you are going to land, make sure that the place you are going to land is deserted.
    2.)Pick up anything you see when you have landed on your marked spot.
    3.)Always check your left and rights, and you probably know that there is a compass where you can see the enemy`s gun shot, foot steps, and vehicle sounds.
    4.)Only ride a vehicle when you`re far from the SAFE ZONE, because there`s a 90% chance that enemies would be alert of where you are.
    5.)ALWAYS AND ALWAYS Close the DOOR upon entering a building.
    6.)Make sure to loot as many Med kits as you can.

    I hope these tips would be helpful :)

  6. My best tip would be to dive away from the plane track and land around a group of houses to collect supplies. The 3-story blue buildings are ideal for sniping with SVD or M4A1 (single fire).

  7. For survival the most important thing is your position
    If you can position well you can win the game.

    High grounds/Rocks/tress/houses/Blocks anything that can protect you when you are getting
    shot. If you can get first in the high grounds that is a good position for you since other players will
    go at you without noticing you there.

    Crouch/Lay If you need to.

  8. 1) Do not jump out at a crowded area
    2) Pick an area with 2-3 areas to loot, not many people will land there
    3) If you see a player without a gun entering a house right before you do, rush the player, and punch him to death, or grab a gun, as the player would be trying to run away from you
    4) Grab Attachments, and Scopes (4x is recommended). Medkits and bandages are useful
    5) Hang out outer edge around the boundries of the safe zone to minimize chances of encounter
    6) When shooting, crouch behind a cover thats covering you in all directions, unless you are certain there is no one going to flank you. Some positions include a house, or the small buildings on the side of the road. Prone in this position as well, and only stand up when you are ready to shoot.
    7) Cars, use them to run over players in ONLY SOLO. You can shoot players out their cars easily if they are driving towards you, do not run away.
    8) Ammo/Bandages/Attachments/Armor/Backpacks are the only things you should have at this point. Grenades are completely useless in this game.
    9) Keep moving inwards, and when the boundaries are cut down by much, start proning and looking for a cover. See step 6. Watch for any movements, and do not move yourself, crouch if you have to
    10) Last man standing always ends up with who sees the other first and who gets the first shot on. If you see the player and miss, and the player turns and kills you first, game over. So remember to not miss your aim, and shoot when your certain you’ll be efficient. Once you see him, you should try to avoid letting him see you and getting as close as possible to shotgun him/her.
    11) You most likely win if you can aim and stay undetected…

  9. Guys , I always go to a top floor and take a SMG or rifle and a shot gun and take ammo only for them and attachments for just them … I use rifle when moving and take shotgun inside a building and at end game. I will go prone and crouch only no matter what.. I will see everytime around me and hear the sound with headphones… By this I always been at the top 5.. and I won many times.. hope this is useful. CLOSE THE FUC**** DOOR whenever u go inside a building.. don’t take frying pan and chicken… Just take crowbar. Since the others will be big and will get attention..

  10. Ok, I understand their suggestion to drop straight down, but it’s often hard to find people less areas like that. I would suggest waiting a while to minimize shots by people on the ground shooting you as you descend, which is unlikely, and coast away from the main track. Everybody’s right here, location is EVERYTHING, as well as your supplies. The houses along the road are very useful because they have windows to shoot out of, are near roads, to take out people in cars, and get their car, and are easily defensible as they only have one door. And one last thing USE THAT EYE BUTTON; you can look around without breaking your cover if you are in a bush, then shoot when you see someone coming.

  11. After the match is made the loading screen sucks! I’m using Excellent graphics and ultra FPS mode because my phone can handle it perfectly but the loading screen that appears after the match is made it sucks because it stops loading and then i have to restart the game to play that match and after restarting the Game the loading screen takes 2 minutes and load perfectly but when it completely loads my character is already dead!!!


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