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Roots of Pacha Animal Breeding Guide

Learn how to unlock breeding with this Roots of Pacha animal breeding guide and raise your own animals!

Yes, the Stone Age world of Roots of Pacha is teeming with wildlife that you can catch and domesticate, but breeding animals has its own perks that you won’t get otherwise. First of all, bred animals have increased stats because they inherit base stats from their parents and get +1 in one random category (Speed, Production, or Quality). Second, breeding your own animals will certainly make you feel more accomplished in this farming simulator. Third—baby animals! Do you really need a better reason?

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Still, if you’re new to the game, breeding in Roots of Pacha might be confusing, and you may not know how to unlock it. In that case, follow our Roots of Pacha animal breeding guide, and you’ll be surrounded by foals and baby bunnies in no time!

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How to Unlock Animal Breeding in Roots of Pacha

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To unlock animal breeding in Roots of Pacha, you will start by befriending two animals that belong to the same species but of different sexes. Choose the species that you can obtain fairly easily and then bring your friendship level with both animals to 6.

Once your friendship is high enough (and your Clan Prosperity is 50,000 or above), you will get the prompt to start the new Idea called Animal Breeding with Tetih. Since breeding requires a Breeding Pen, you should prepare the building material for this Idea—you will need to have 30 Wood, 50 Flint, and 20 Plant Fiber.

How to Breed Animals in Roots of Pacha

You should come back to Tetih after two days, and your Breeding Pen will be ready to accept new parents. Just add a male and a female variant of the same animal to the pen and hit Encourage Breeding.

However, you should know that the female animal won’t be able to give you any products until the offspring is born, which usually takes a couple of days. A baby animal will also take a few days to become an adult animal and start being useful.

We hope you have fun raising new and adorable residents of your Stone Age farm. If you get stuck with another issue in this game, don’t hesitate to explore more helpful guides in our dedicated Roots of Pacha section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Roots of Pacha Animal Breeding Guide