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How to Get Wild Rice in Roots of Pacha

How to Get Wild Rice in Roots of Pacha
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While this game brings you loads of Stone Age shenanigans, Roots of Pacha is a farming simulator first and foremost. That means that you will spend a lot of your time in the game growing different crops, looking for new seeds to plant, or getting improvements that will help you become a better farmer.

Roots of Pacha features loads of different plant species that can end up in your garden if you find their seeds and slowly domesticate them—from oats and onions to potatoes and butternut squash. But, wait, what about rice? Well, getting this staple food in this game is a bit different. Therefore, here’s the guide on how to get wild rice in Roots of Pacha.

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How to Get Wild Rice in Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha garden
Image by Soda Den

If you unlocked the sushi recipe in Roots of Pacha, you know how good that food item is. Sushi comes with +76 Stamina, which is quite high. To make it, you will need:

  • 1 Any Fish
  • 1 Seaweed
  • 1 Wild Rice

Still, what can you do if you haven’t encountered any opportunities to farm rice so far? To put it simply, you will need to trade.

There are no rice seeds that you can get in the wild and then domesticate on your farm. To get wild rice in Roots of Pacha, you will need to progress the story and meet the southern tribe—the Yakuans. Just like with lentils, where you need to meet and trade with the northern tribe, you can get this sushi ingredient by trading with the Yakuans.

Even though rice is one of the most popular foods in the world, this seems to be the only way to get it in Roots of Pacha. If we discover another way, we will update our guide, and you can leave us a comment if you figure out an alternative method.

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How to Get Wild Rice in Roots of Pacha