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Best Animals in Roots of Pacha

Best Animals in Roots of Pacha
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Animals in Roots of Pacha are an important part of building a thriving community and surviving the Stone Age. They can be friends, transport, give resources, and more! Some animals are trickier to acquire but they each have their own specific use, so which are the best animals in Roots of Pacha? Let’s find out!

Roots of Pacha Animal Guide

Animals can be seen in and around your village, and each animal can be tamed by giving them things they enjoy. To tame an animal you need to interact with it and select the option to attune with them which involves completing a simple mini game. Once attuned, you can welcome the animal to your village. From then on you can increase the friendship level between you and your animal by interacting with them and gathering resources from them.

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Once you hit level 2 of your friendship the larger animals can be used as mounts and ridden around, and at level 6 all animals are free to be bred with another of the same species and opposite sex. If you want the animals to stick around you have to care for them, giving them a barn to stay in and making sure they are fed each day.

Image via Soda Den

Best Animals in Roots of Pacha

There is not one specific animal who is considered the best to obtain for your village, but in reality a good variety would be the best option. Ideally you will eventually want one or two of each species so you can gain resources or breed them. You will be able to get a range of very useful materials for food or crafting. The animals you have will depend on what resources you need to start with but eventually you will want the full range of species in your village.

Five of the animals shown below do not give any materials or resources as they are considered Pets. Pets are not rideable, they are just nice to have around the village.

BisonBison FurSavanna
Wild BoarBoar FurForest
OstrichOstrich Egg + Ostrich FeathersSavanna
IbexIbex Milk + Ibex HornsForest
Jungle FowlJungle Fowl Eggs + Jungle Fowl FeathersJungle
GuanacoGuanaco FurSavanna
Cave LionN/ASavanna

There are other animals to see around in the wild but they are not (as of yet) tameable. they are:

  • Polar Bears
  • Bees (hives contain Honey)
  • Ants
  • Whales
  • Dolphins
  • Moose
  • Monkeys

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Best Animals in Roots of Pacha


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