The Idea Factory developed role playing game Record Of Agarest War is now available on the App Store.

The iOS port of the game has been officially confirmed not too long ago. Included in this new version of the game are all the DLC packs released for the console versions, 720p HD visuals and the Japanese voice track. All the gameplay content of the original release is also available in the port, making this one of the best versions of Record of Agarest War currently available, considering all the DLC packs released for the game are included for free.


Record of Agarest War is a role playing game featuring some really interesting gamepay mechanics. Aside from the usual role playing game features, the game sports a Soul Breed system, which allows the main character of each chapter to choose a bride and pass all several stats and kills to the next generation. It’s a system that also allows the narrative to flow smoothly, creating a strong connection between all the characters of the game.

Record of Agarest War is now available for purchase on the App Store. If you’re thinking about purchasing the game, you’d better free some space in your device, as Record of Agarest War is going to take 1.83 GB of storage space just to be installed.




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