Around a year ago, we have reported that Fearless Fantasy, the unique role playing game developed by Enter Skies released a while back on Steam, was going to be released soon on the App Store. Unfortunately the game failed to materialize soon after its announcement but now we finally know when it’s going to hit the App Store in all regions. The iOS version of Fearless Fantasy is going to be released later this week, on May 14th, in all regions for a yet to be confirmed price.

As stated above, Fear Fantasy was originally supposed to be released last year. Unfortunately development required more time than anticipated, with the team delaying the game to 2015. Back in February, a successful beta test for Fearless Fantasy was also launched but the team wasn’t completely satisfied with the mobile version and went back to work on the game’s art. Now everything should be as intended and Fearless Fantasy will finally be released on iOS devices.

Fearless Fantasy will be released on the App Store later this week, on May 14th, in all regions. Pricing has yet to be confirmed but more on the matter should emerge in the next few days.



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