Robocop Review (iOS)


Robocop is one of the most recognizable fictional characters ever created. He represents an era when movies and video games didn’t need complicated plots to move the action forward.

A reboot of the original Robocop movie is going to be released soon, allowing us to see if the charm of the character is still there after over 20 years. Accompanying the movie is a free to play game developed by Glu Games Inc. A game that manages to do justice to Robocop despite some small issues.

Robocop is a third person shooter game based around a cover and shoot mechanic. During the course of the game you will be doing quite a lot of shooting while trying to find cover behind several types of objects. The gameplay experience is quite simple but works quite nicely. Covering, shooting and moving around is done with some simple touch controls that are responsive enough, never getting in the way of enjoyment.

During the game, Robocop will be able to take on OmniCorp Training missions as well challenges and Daily Hunts, which reset every 24 hours. Despite the apparent variety of mission types, you’ll soon realize that you’re doing the same thing over and over – use the Scan function to locate objects in the vicinity, find enemies’ weak spots and blast away until no one is standing. It’s not a huge problem though: we’re talking about a free to play game, after all. Be careful when playing story missions, though, as they will spoil parts of the movie.

Completing each mission will allow the player to obtain gold, cash and OmniCorp credits, which are used to upgrade RoboCop arsenal and suit. Upgrading everything to the maximum will require you to play through the game multiple times so be ready to get realy busy with the game if you want to master it.

Being a free to play game, players will have to deal with an energy system. Just like in countless other games, you will spend energy when taking on missions. Once the energy has been depleted you will have to either wait or just buy the missing energy with real life money. Overall the in-app purchases never get in the way of the game. All of the game contents are available without having to pay anything: it will just take longer to unlock everything, that’s all.

The game graphics also look quite good. The locations aren’t too varied but Robocop and the rest of the criminals look quite good. One thing that’s done incredibly well are the explosions so make sure to blast away in order to see some spectacular special effects.

I really wasn’t expecting anything out of Robocop, considering how the game seemed like a quick cash-in. I was pleasantly surprised in seeing how the game is quite good for being a free to play title, despite slacking variety in its gameplay experience.


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Robocop Review (iOS)


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