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Roblox Project Delta—All Vehicle Spawns

Roblox Project Delta—All Vehicle Spawns
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Project Delta has plenty of action, exploration, looting, danger, and fun. But you know what’s not fun? Running around for minutes with your inventory filled to the brim! That’s why vehicle spawns in Project Delta are so important.

The idea of driveable vehicles in Project Delta is present, but the game won’t exactly spoil you with options. Check out our articles on Project Delta locations and spawn points in Project Delta, and you’ll see how few vehicle choices are there compared to the listed POIs. Let’s see where you can find vehicles in Project Delta!

Vehicle spawn locations in Project Delta

Vehicle spawn points in Project Delta
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Vehicle spawns in Project Delta are so rare that it wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t know they even existed. In fact, the game only has four spawn points for vehicles:

  • Lumberyard (Map location: C2)
  • Fueling Station (Map location: I5)
  • Ambushed Convoy (Map location: K7)
  • Bridge (Map location: Q14)

It’s worth noting that all of the vehicle spawn locations are near contested areas (for instance, the Bridge is a well-known location for ambushes. While a vehicle would come in handy, you shouldn’t attempt to get one if you’re not properly prepared.

Note: Every vehicle requires a repair kit to work. Don’t take the risk of approaching a vehicle unless you have the necessary gear to get it working!

What are the vehicles in Project Delta?

All four listed locations have the same vehicle type—the UAZ 469. This is an off-road ground vehicle that can help you get around more easily and transport heaps of loot while you’re at it. The UAZ 469 is quite sturdy and fuel-efficient, but it probably won’t be the only vehicle choice in the game for long.

Although adding new vehicles is still in the planning stage, the developers of Project Delta intend on getting more vehicle spawns in the game. Besides ground vehicles, there’ll also be air and sea types. Furthermore, each vehicle type will feature several models. But the only vehicle you can find right now in Project Delta is the UAZ 469.

Stay tuned for further development in Project Delta vehicle spawns. In the meantime, check out our Game Guides section for more useful tips about your favorite games!

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Roblox Project Delta—All Vehicle Spawns