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Roblox Project Delta—All Spawn Points

Roblox Project Delta—All Spawn Points
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Project Delta takes place on a massive map with a growing number of points of interest. On a map as big as Project Delta’s, where you spawn into the world means the difference between success and failure. Luckily, the map doesn’t lack spawn points!

Let’s check out the currently available spawn points in Project Delta. We’ll review them from top to bottom and left to right. In other words, spawn points will be listed in the direction west-to-east, starting north and moving southward. Many spawn points are tied to prominent in-game locations, so you might want to check out our list of locations in Project Delta.

Every Spawn Point in Project Delta

All spawn points in Project Delta
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Here are the current spawn points in Project Delta. You can see that all spawn areas are located on the northern half of the map. The developer will likely insert more spawn points to cover the south of the map in the future—we’ll update the map once that happens.

  • Lumber Road North (Map location: C0)
  • Swamp Extract East (Map location: D6)
  • Fishing Hut (Map location: D8)
  • Swamp Southeast (Map location: F7)
  • Swamp East (Map location: F8)
  • G1 Spawn (Map location: G1)
  • Village Road West (Map location: G8)
  • Village Beach (Map location: G12)
  • Lighthouse Rocks (Map location: G21)
  • Gas Station Road (Map location: I1)
  • Swamp South (Map location: I3)
  • Ambushed Tanks (Map location: I8)
  • I9 Spawn (Map location: I9)
  • I13 Spawn (Map location: I13)
  • Ambushed Convoy (Map location: J6)
  • Lighthouse Beach (Map location: J23)
  • K1 Spawn (Map location: K1)
  • Wooden Bridge (Map location: K2)
  • Radio East (Map location: M11)
  • M13 Spawn (Map location: M13)
  • Sandcastle Beach (Map location: M17)
  • Harbor South (Map location: M20)
  • Radio West (Map location: N6)
  • Sandcastle Beach South (Map location: N18)
  • Factory Southwest (Map location: N21)
  • Radio South (Map location: O9)
  • Bridge West (Map location: P14)
  • P19 Spawn (Map location: P19)
  • Bridge East (Map location: Q17)

If you’re familiar with Project Delta at all, you’ll notice that the spawn points cover many major locations like the Swamp, Village, and Factory. Notably, there are no spawn points near the largest location on the map, Airport, which leads us to believe more spawn points will be added in the future. Stay tuned to catch updates to this article as the spawn areas in Project Delta expand!

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Roblox Project Delta—All Spawn Points