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Roblox Project Delta Locations

Project Delta is a survival FPS teeming with interesting locations. But the game has a massive map, and it’s not easy to pinpoint all of the locations immediately. In fact, you’ll need to memorize the map thoroughly just to get around.

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To make this task easier, we’ve mapped out all of the prominent locations in Project Delta. Let’s dive in! But before we start, you might want to check out our article on Project Delta codes.

All Project Delta locations

Important locations in Project Delta
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The Project Delta locations are provided here in order top-to-bottom and left-to-right:

  • Lumber (Map location: B4)—A massive lumberyard in the north, home to the NPC boss Anton
  • Fishing Shack (Map location: D8)—A minor location with some loot and a working boat
  • Swamp (Map location: E5)—A huge swampland with plenty of structures and loot
  • Castle (Map location: F17)—A remote, easily defendable position in the northeast with plenty of loot and a nearby Extraction Point
  • Village (Map location: G10)—A ghost town with limited loot, inhabited by bandits
  • Cave (Map location: H1)—A minor, mostly uncontested location with some loot and a bed
  • Fueling Station (Map location: H5)—A desolate location with almost no danger but little loot, too
  • Lighthouse (Map location: H22)—A significant location in the far east of the map with massive loot, especially if you have the Lighthouse key.
  • Convoy (Map location: J7)—A mostly uncontested location with some good loot, including grenades
  • Subgrid (Map location: J11)—An extremely dangerous location with radiation and a hostile anomaly
  • Crane/Harbor (Map location: J19)—A rich but contested location that can be easily defended if you get there first
  • Bunker (Map location: K4)—A hidden bunker with great loot and little danger, should still be approached with caution
  • Large Wooden Bridge (Map location: L3)—A minor location, highly contested due to nearby points of interest
  • Factory/Garage (Map location: L22)—A massive location with numerous hostiles but also great rewards
  • Radio (Map location: M9)—A location with great loot and no NPCs, although the surrounding area is heavily mined
  • Small Concrete Bridge (Map location: M20)—A highly contested location with an Extraction Point nearby
  • Bridge (Map location: P15)—The connecting point between the mainland and the massive island in the east; decent loot and only a few low-level NPCs
  • Checkpoint (Map location: Q11)—A location near the bridge with decent loot and relatively small number of hostiles
  • Quarry (Map location: R6)—A huge complex with little loot to offer compared to how dangerous it is
  • Airfield (Map location: Y5)—The largest location in the game that actually takes up a large portion of the southwest quadrant

This was our overview of all the locations in Project Delta. Check out our Game Guides articles or the Apps & Lists section for more insight into your favorite games!


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Roblox Project Delta Locations