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Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (February 2024)

Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (February 2024)
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Are you looking for a Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs list? Do you like a good death scream? If so, then you are at the right place.

Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List
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In this guide, we share a list of Kill Sound IDs and other Roblox Death Song IDs that you can play in Roblox Combat Warriors using the Boombox. Check out below.

Also, feel free to check out our other Roblox Music ID codes.

All Sound IDs for Roblox – Combat Warriors

Here is a list of Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs we have collected so far.

All Sound IDs for Roblox - Combat Warriors
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Sound IDs for Roblox – Combat Warriors (working)

  • 8700353843—You thought it was over
  • 7477399357—Okay I pull up
  • 8835052762—Back in your cage monkey
  • 8206613250—What a shame
  • 7393653993—Get sadistic
  • 7731257875—Masquerade
  • 8120788861—Anime kill song
  • 8621344741—Counting Stars (Instrumental)
  • 6879335951—Samsung Notification
  • 7361042352—Mario death
  • 7528566442—Hello bozo
  • 8267984616—Ima make it look pretty
  • 8232443738—Sick beat
  • 7601135039—That brother gone
  • 7405233417—Sorry bout that
  • 9057023555—Leave me alone
  • 1058417264—You suck
  • 8156780600—HEHEHEHA 
  • 8786891922—Chinawave
  • 8630619335—Backstabber
  • 9013453392—Mike will make it 
  • 6823378863—Idk name
  • 3627436232—Jedi 
  • 9114156521—Jojo kimeo
  • 8842446965—Nah ichi ni san
  • 9114710961—Russian song idk
  • 8904888220—Disappointed spongbob
  • 9118868269—Gimme more
  • 9117881412—If I can’t have you, no one can

NOTE: If you have the Song ID for a Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound that does not appear on this list, you can share it in the comments and help the community. 

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How to Redeem Music ID Codes in Roblox – Combat Warriors

You can use these steps to get the Boombox in Roblox to play kill sound while playing Roblox Combat Warriors:

  1. Run Combat Warriors.
  2. Click on the Settings option present in the main server selection screen.
  3. Inside Settings, navigate to the Audio sub-section and look for the Kill Sounds option.
  4. To unlock this Premium feature, you need to buy 199 Robux to use it.
  5. After purchasing, type in any of the above working Sound IDs to use the feature.

NOTE: If you find that any of the Music ID codes are not working, make sure to notify us in the comments below, and we will verify and update the Music ID.

How can you get more Roblox – Combat Warriors Music IDs?

If you want more codes for Roblox – Combat Warriors Music IDs, join the official Combat Warriors Discord Server, where codes may be posted regularly. The official X account is a brilliant place to check (@CWRBLX), and the Combat Warriors YouTube Channel can be superb support for finding more possible freebies and the news about the latest updates.

Remember to bookmark our page; we’ll constantly update it with all working codes, so you don’t have to look for them yourself.

Why are my Roblox – Combat Warriors Music IDs not working?

There could be multiple reasons why the Combat Warriors Music IDs are not working for you. Firstly, make sure you have typed the exact Code mentioned above. The best way for you is to copy-paste the ID. Secondly, a typo is a frequent mistake that gives the error message that you cannot verify your codes. So, don’t change any lower or uppercase letters since they could be sensitive. The developers may have just made the Music ID Code invalid or expired. That way, you might not be able to use it anymore.

What are Combat Warriors Music IDs?

What are Combat Warriors Music IDs?
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Combat Warriors is an excellent Roblox fighting game where you can create your character and choose sound effects. You can use Music IDs and unique codes to play your favorite songs in the game. But first, you gotta pay 199 Robux to unlock the Radio feature.

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Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (February 2024)


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