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Best Weapons in Roblox Combat Warriors | Weapons Tier List

Best Weapons in Roblox Combat Warriors | Weapons Tier List
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The Roblox platform features games of any genre you may want, but some of the most popular titles are fighting games. In Roblox Combat Warriors, players get to fight each other in different arenas for XP and Credits.

The fun part about playing Combat Warriors is using weapons of different types, but choosing the right one for you can be tricky. In this guide, we will tell you about the best weapons in Combat Warriors so that you can know what to invest your resources in.

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Best weapons in Roblox Combat Warriors

All weapons in Roblox Combat Warriors are divided into three types:

  • Heavy
  • Light
  • Ranged

You can purchase them through the Loadout menu for Credits ($), which are usually earned by killing other players. To get the best and most expensive weapons in each category, however, you will have to do some grinding, because the gear is not cheap. Since it would take too much time to purchase every single weapon on the list and try it out, it is worth knowing what pieces perform the best, so that you can spend your hard-earned resources the smart way.

Check out our tier list of the best weapons in Roblox Combat Warriors below.

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Combat Warriors weapons tier list

SBardiche, Colossal Greatsword, Dragon Slayer, Dual Cleavers, Dual Naginata, Glaive, Odachi, Yoru, Zweihander
ABrute Mace, Cutlass, Dual Hammers, Dual Tomahawks, Halberd, Heavy Bow, Heavy Scythe, Kanabo, Katana, Liuyedao, Mace, Naginata, Scythe, Shikomizue, Trident, War Hammer
BCrossbow, Crowbar, Curved Greatsword, Dual Machetes, Flamberge, Iron Sword, Kusarigama, Lance, Liuyedao, Longbow, Metal Bat, Palm Axe, Polehammer, Riot Shield, Shovel, Steel Sword
CBat, Baton, Battle Axe, Bo Staff, Chainsaw, Dual Daggers, Dual Hatchets, Dual Hook Swords, Fire Axe, Greataxe, Longsword, Macuahuitl, Nunchucks, Sabre, Scimitar, Sickle, Spear, War Axe
DClub, Golf Club, Greatsword, Hammer, Khopesh, Longsword, Rapier

S-tier weapons are usually the best in the game, and due to their power, they come with a heavy price tag. But don’t discard cheap weapons so easily—some of them can be quite useful. Choosing from tiers A and B is not a bad strategy either, especially if you don’t have that many Credits to your name. After all, the best weapon is the one that gets you the most kills.

Considering that your final choice might differ from our recommendations, let us know which weapons are S-tier for you, and make sure to check out our section dedicated to Combat Warriors!

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Best Weapons in Roblox Combat Warriors | Weapons Tier List


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