We absolutely love playing Rival Knights here at Touch Tap Play and we’ve already shared with you a complete set of Rival Knights cheats and tips, but now we’ll go more in depth with our guides and in this article we’ll focus on how to earn more seals in the game.

There are two types of seals, actually, each allowing you to take part in a different competition: Social Seals allow you to fight against other players in the Events section while Royal Seals allow you to compete against the AI in the single player missions (the tournaments). Below you will find some tips and tricks on how to get more Rival Knights seals easily!

The waiting game
Waiting for your seals to fill up doesn’t take much time, so a good strategy is to play the waiting game: first use up one or two Royal Seals, then go to the Tournament and use up all your Social Seals. When you’re done, go back to the single player missions and use the Royal Seals again. Most likely while you play, your seals will fill up and you’ll be able to keep playing!

The time lapse cheat
The time lapse cheat still works (sometimes) in Rival Knights, but you have to be careful with it: it consists in you changing the time on your device to trick the game into thinking that time really passed. However, you should only do it for several minute: 7 to 15 minutes and not set the time forward for too much. It’s safer, though, not to try this cheat!

How to get more Social Seals easily
Adding friends who are active in the game is a sure way of getting a lot of Social Seals for free (not to mention advantages in the Events). So connect your game to Facebook and if you don’t have friends playing this game, add some who do. We’ll set up here at Touch Tap Play an Rival Knights add me page to simplify things a lot. Don’t forget to actually send your friends Social Seals too! The good thing about them is that you can keep them and only use them when needed.

How to get more Royal Seals easily
With Royal Seals there are few ways to actually get them for free and easily, except for the first two tips shared above. However, you can maximize their use and your revenue like this:

– check out the stages and see if they refill your Royal Seals after winning the event (Boss battles usually do). Therefore, before going into that particular battle, make sure you only have one Seal Left. Do the training sessions until you get there to get the maximum amount of Seals and put the ones you have to good use.
– purchase Seals with diamonds. I would not recommend doing so until you have some really solid equipment, maybe one puprchased with diamonds. But if you simply can’t wait, purchasing the Royal Seals is a sure way of getting as many as you need!

These are our tips and tricks on how to earn more Seals in Rival Knights. Make sure to check back soon with us for even more guides for this great game!


  1. Hey i`ve been trying to do time lapse glitch , but i just can`t get the hang of it no matter what i do
    I tried closing the game , then time lapse , then enter it … no result
    I tried time lapsing while the game is still running , but that ain`t working too good , cause the game doesn`t seem to notice the difference … Could you explain the time lapsing glitch to me step by step ?


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