As you may well be acquainted with our characters list, I think it’s about time that we tell you what the best characters in Revue Starlight Re LIVE are, and give you a full tier list. 

You can use this to know exactly which characters you should keep when rerolling, and know which ones to keep. Before we begin, I have to mention that I will not list the 2 star characters because they are not really worth it in my opinion, because you can find better 3 and 4 star ones, so it’s better to go for these instead.

So, let’s not waste another second and get into the Revue Starlight Re LIVE tier list right here below!

Revue Starlight Re LIVE – S+ tier characters:

– Hanayagi Kaoruko (Black Lion Nation Lord)
– Hoshimi Junna (Musketeer Aramis)
– Ootsuki Aruru (Amateur Captain)
– Tendou Maya (Sun Nation Lord)
– Tanaka Yuyuko (Minamoto no Yoshitsune)
– Tsuruhime Yachiyo (Goddess of Earth)

Revue Starlight Re LIVE – S tier characters:

– Aijou Karen (Musketeer D’Artagnan) 
– Daiba Nana (Phantom)
– Hanayagi Kaoruko (Mischievous Bat Witch)
– Kagura Hikari (Musketeer Athos)
– Kochou Shizuha (Pirate Queen)
– Nonomiya Lalafin (Cinderella)
– Ootori Michiru (Heracles)
– Otonashi Ichie (Covert Squad Officer)
– Tomoe Tamao (Covert Squad Deputy)
– Tsuyuzaki Mahiru (Musketeer Porthos)
– Yukishiro Akira (Goddess of Heaven)
– Tanaka Yuyuko (Covert Squad Soldier)
– Yumeoji Fumi (Covert Squad Soldier)
– Yumeoji Shiori (Goddess of Wind)

Revue Starlight Re LIVE – A+ tier characters:

– Ebisu Tsukasa (Happy New Year!)
– Hanayagi Kaoruko (Don Salvatori)
– Hoshimi Junna (Happy Valentine’s)
– Kochou Shizuha (Easter Bunny)
– Otonashi Ichie (Crow Tengu)
– Tsuyuzaki Mahiru (Holy Night Santa Claus)
– Saijou Claudine (Aladdin)
– Daiba Nana (Sun Nation Knight)
– Saijou Claudine (Black Lion Nation Knight)
– Saijou Claudine (Red Duke Richelieu)

Revue Starlight Re LIVE – A tier characters:

– Isurugi Futaba (Puss in Boots)
– Ootsuki Aruru (Easter Bunny)
– Tendou Maya (Maid Melissa)
– Yumeoji Fumi (An Angel’s Blessing)
– Ebisu Tsukasa (Veteran Pirate)
– Hoshimi Junna (Black Lion Nation Knight)
– Kagura Hikari (Black Lion Nation Knight)
– Tendou Maya (Genie of the Lamp)
– Otonashi Ichie (Voice of an Angel)
– Tsuyuzaki Mahiru (Sun Nation Knight)

Revue Starlight Re LIVE – B tier characters:

– Yumeoji Shiori (Belle)
– Akikaze Rui (Covert Squad Soldier)
– Ebisu Tsukasa (Uninhibited Spider Witch)
– Aijou Karen (Sun Nation Knight)
– Isurugi Futaba (Sun Nation Knight)
– Liu Mei Fan (Goddess of Fire)
– Nonomiya Lalafin (Pirate Queen’s Guard)
– Ootori Michiru (Goddess of Water)
– Yukishiro Akira (Beast)

Revue Starlight Re LIVE – C tier characters:

– Aijou Karen (Red-Nosed Reindeer)
– Daiba Nana (Young Lady Elena)
– Hoshimi Junna (Christine)
– Kochou Shizuha (Jack-o’-Lantern)
– Nonomiya Lalafin (Easter Bunny)

Revue Starlight Re LIVE – D tier characters:

– Kagura Hikari (Heart Into Chocolates)
– Kano Misora (Amateur Navigator)
– Ootori Michiru (For a Wonderful Year!)
– Ootsuki Aruru (Witch Fairy)
– Tomoe Tamao (A Showdown of Hanetsuki)
– Tomoe Tamao (Musashibou Benkei)

The heroes you should focus on mostly when you reroll are the ones from the S+ section because they are some of the strongest ones out there. Let me explain a little more in-depth why I have chosen the ones I did!

Tendou Maya (Sun Nation Lord) is one of the strongest 4-star tanks and she can carry your through anything pretty much. She is invincible against physical attacks, but her magic defense is not the best (so she could be vulnerable to magic type characters). However, if you boost her and use good Memoirs, then you could very well use her against anything.

Tsuruhime Yachiyo (Goddess of Earth) can inflict a ton of damage, but she is also quite squishy, so that’s why she has to use some strong tanks to protect her as much as possible. Also, the fact that she is Grey (Dream) element it means that she also gets more damage, while dealing more.

Ootsuki Aruru (Amateur Captain) is good through and through. Might be a little weak at start, but she will excel in PvP and later game content. Her Climax also is good, and she will be a good supportive asset for any team.

Hoshimi Junna (Musketeer Aramis) is another super powerful back liner who will prove useful in any fight. She deals a lot of damage while also debuffing the enemy. 

Hanayagi Kaoruko (Black Lion Nation Lord) will be fun to play in PvP and is pretty good for the rest of the content. She can inflict debuffs and stun on the enemy, which can also prove super useful at times. 

Some other girls, such as Yukishiro Akira (Goddess of Heaven), Kagura Hikari (Musketeer Athos) and Kochou Shizuha (Pirate Queen) can also be super good, but they might require just a little bit more investment and team synergy. Some of the characters rely quite a lot on the rest of the team, but they will do their job.

Which characters do you use? Do you have some other suggestions? Share them with us down in the comments section below and don’t forget to take a look at our game guide to learn a couple more extra tips and tricks!

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