Revue Starlight Re LIVE Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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In today’s article we are going to share with you some useful Revue Starlight Re LIVE tips and cheats to help you pass all of the game’s stages and form a powerful team to take on any enemies that you encounter.

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This game is a beautiful gacha that you simply can’t ignore, because it is so well made that it will draw you right in without even realizing it! With a catchy story, individually animated characters and voice acting (which you should definitely download because it will make the game more animated) it will keep you glued to your device for hours on end – or until your energy runs out! 

But enough with the praising (as you can see, we can’t help but get drawn in) – let’s dive into the Revue Starlight Re LIVE tips and tricks to help you form a powerful team and pass all stages!

Progress through the story mode

As basic as it sounds, you should progress through the story mode as much as you can, because this is super important for your characters and for leveling up. Since you will gain exp from here, it will help you become stronger and unlock all the game content. 

My suggestion would be that you upgrade the girls as much as you can, improve every single thing that you can and try to progress as much as possible. This is going to work up to a point only, because later on the enemies will me a little difficult to take on, so you will need to make even bigger improvements.

But for now, like I said, try completing the story mode (at least the first chapter) and unlock all of the game’s content, because it is not difficult at all to do. Later, you can continue on the chapters.

Choose your team based on the enemy’s weakness

You will have to assign girls to a team and then deploy them to fight for you. However, you need to keep in mind that both the girls and the monsters have elements, and certain elements are stronger (or weaker) against others. 

Red is strong against Green, but weak against Blue.

Green is strong against Blue , but weak against Red.

Blue is strong against Red, but weak against Green.

Yellow is strong against Purple, but weak against Pink.

Purple is strong against Pink, but weak against Yellow.

Pink is strong against Yellow, but weak against Purple.

Grey and the rest of the elements counter each other.

Use these when you want to deploy girls to make sure you have the utmost advantage in a fight. Also, I suggest that before the battle you check out the monsters’ elements and not fight just yet. Instead, go back to unit formation and deploy the girls of the countering elements.

This will not be necessary at the very beginning, but later on when the fights get tougher and tougher, this will help you win much easier. 

Don’t rely on Auto mode for end game battles

The game features an Auto Mode, which is going to make your game a lot easier at start – but only then! The auto mode is super useful at start like I said, because it deploys the girls automatically and starts the Climax mode on its own whenever it is ready.

Since it doesn’t matter so much at start, it’s not recommended for the arena or end game fights because it might turn on Climax mode when you don’t actually need it – and when you do need it, it will be on cooldown. 

It’s a little inconvenient, but by all means go ahead and use it at start because it will get you quickly through the fights. Oh, and don’t forget about the 2x speed. Activate this if you want the battles to finish faster. 

Complete Assignments daily!

In the main interface you can access the Assignments button on the bottom right corner, but there is a second one called “Beginner Assignments” in the top left. That one will give you 1000 Star Gems upon completion, and it requires you to fill up 8 missions total. It’s super useful considering the rewards are all useful!

Also, the simple Assignments are basically daily quests. If you want to gather Star Gems fast, check out the Normal Assignments tab. There, you should scroll down through them and see what each and every one of them requires because if you want to make more summons, this is a way to gather more Star Gems.

Summon more girls and strengthen your team

In the main interface you can open the Gacha button and that’s where the magic happens basically. There you can summon several girls and you should definitely save all your Star Gems for this. So, this is what you need to pay most attention here, because it is super important: You can reroll!

Once you finished the tutorial mode, head on to the Gacha tab in the Main menu and select the “24 Hours Only Redo”. There you will roll and reroll girls and you should keep an eye out for the 4 star girls. Once you get a good one (Sun Nation Tendou Maya, Greenhorn Captain Aruru Atsuki, Hoshimi Junna, Earth Goddess Tsuruhime Yachiyo) you can stop rerolling.

I prefer Greenhorn Captain Aruru Atsuki because she boosts the Brilliance which results in Climax activating much more often. If you like PvP, much like I do, she will excel there too! 

That’s it for the Redo Gacha. Now let me tell you what you should do next! Also in the Gacha menu, you will see a stab “4 star Stage Girl Step Up”. Head on there and with the Star Gems that you have collected thus far (you should have over 4500 by now for simply claiming the rewards and doing a couple of stages, and over 1500 after summoning the Reroll Gacha) summon them here! 

This tab will give you a 4 star Stage Girl guaranteed upon completing the second step (as you can see it is 1/2). The first stage will cost 1500 Star Gems and it’s going to give you girls or Memoirs, but the fun begins at the second step. There you will receive a 4 star Stage Girl guaranteed, but it costs 3000 Star Gems. If you want to try your luck, by all means do it! It cannot be bad!

Read the Memoirs and pair them up with the right girls

The Memoirs are basically equipment for the girls, and they improve their strength. Quite a lot! These Memoirs can come just like the girls, anywhere from 1 star to 4 stars. The four star Memoirs are of course stronger than the 1 star ones, and you should definitely upgrade them (the 4 star ones of course). 

Use 1 star Memoirs and even some 2 star ones to upgrade the 3 and 4 star ones, because that’s the best use for them in my opinion. 

A few extra Revue Starlight Re LIVE tips and tricks:

I am going to tell you a few extra tips here to help you get a better understanding of the in game stuff. You might already know some of them, but other people might not! So here are some basic – and not so basic extras.

– The Stamina refills by 1 point every 3 minutes. If you run out of Stamina, don’t use Star Gems to refill it. Rather just wait!

– Mind the cost of the girls when you deploy them. You can use Auto, but if you want a specific team (with countering elements) it’s better to do it yourself. 

– Use tankier girls in the front line. The girls which specialize in Defense or HP are better placed in the front line. You should also attribute Memoirs that boost their most useful stats, even if those Memoirs aren’t 4 star or 3 star. You can change them later on when you get better ones.

Just focus on this because even if they go down, it’s important that the girls on the back line survive because they are the main damage dealers.

– If you want to star up a girl (Potential Unlock) you can buy her Crystals in the Shop. If you don’t find them, come back in 6 hours when it refreshes! Check out the Shop for various stuff – you won’t regret it!

– I love learning more about the game! Do you? Head on to the Stage -> Story -> School and there you will learn more about everything! It’s very much like a an animated manga! And play them with Voices!

These would be all of our Revue Starlight Re LIVE tips and tricks to help you form a powerful team and become more powerful. Do you have any more tips and suggestions? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Revue Starlight Re LIVE Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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