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Revived Witch Metamorphoses Doll Guide: Class, Skills, and More

Revived Witch Metamorphoses Doll Guide: Class, Skills, and More

The mysterious Metamorphoses in Revived Witch controls the emotions of the battlefield, utilizing mystical masks to channel feelings into power. Metamorphoses is quite the unique character, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know in our Revived Witch Metamorphoses Doll class, skills, and more guide!

Metamorphoses Guide

A spiritist who appears only during the full moon.

She claims to have no feelings, but controls the feelings of those around her by manipulating her mask.

Often mistaken for a dangerous monster, she’s kept away from others but she couldn’t care less about it.

Some say she never shows her feelings so that no one could ever guess her real thoughts, which makes people feel intimidated.

– Metamorphoses’ in-game background

Metamorphoses is a Compeller Doll with the Saltstone element. Compellers focus on buffing and supporting the team, and Metamorphoses excels at that through the use of her masks. She can reduce the damage her allies take or increase their damage output, and she’s one of the best Compellers in the game right now. Pair her with a strong Destroyer or Mage and watch the sparks fly!

Order Skill: Borrow (2 Order Energy)

Metamorphoses’ Order skill is Borrow. She dons a unique-looking mask and heals all of her allies equal to a portion of her ATK. Metamorphoses will also randomly choose between three different masks when she uses Borrow, each bestowing its own buff.

The angry Rage mask will increase the ATK of all allies equal to a portion of Metamorphoses’ ATK. The happy Joy mask will provide a flat damage increase to all allies. The sad Sorrow mask will decrease the damage taken by all allies.

Borrow automatically activates at the beginning of a battle, so you can take advantage of Metamorphoses’ buffs right away. The same mask cannot be activated twice in a row. When switching masks, the previous mask’s buff will stay active for 5 seconds.

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Chaos Skill: Emotion Surge (4 Chaos Energy)

Metamorphoses deals physical damage to all enemies, and increases the potency of her current Borrow buff for 5 seconds. Emotion Surge also increases the potency of all allies’ next attack or heal.

Passive: Soul Collection

Every 20 seconds, Metamorphoses’ ATK increases for 10 seconds.

That concludes our guide on Revived Witch’s Metamorphoses. If you have any other strategies with her, let us know in the comments below!

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Revived Witch Metamorphoses Doll Guide: Class, Skills, and More


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