Home Game Guides Revived Witch Ella Guide: Skills, Background, and More

Revived Witch Ella Guide: Skills, Background, and More

Revived Witch Ella Guide: Skills, Background, and More
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Revived Witch is an RPG developed by Yostar Limited. In this beautiful game, a huge number of characters are available to you, from which you will assemble your team to solve riddles and fight. All characters are different and in this guide, we will tell you about Ella.

Ella’s Background

Ella is a Destroyer from the Saltstone faction. Her hobby is quite fun, she loves pranks. She is exactly 988 years old and is only 140cm tall.

Ella is a cute girl from an ancient tribe who looks very young although she will soon be 1000 years old. She is smart because she has been traveling the world of people for several hundred years. Ella always introduces herself as human, but if you piss her off, the cute girl will become a dragon.

She is quite eccentric, and does whatever she wants, regardless of human morality. She also loves to joke and look at the reaction of people. All her friends are Metamorphoses and Nocturna.

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Having lived for many centuries among humans, she began to react sharply when someone mentions her real age.

But she was not always in the human world. She originally lived in Dragon’s Lair with her clan. Her parents were totally against Ella leaving. After all, people hunted all the clans of dragons. But the human world aroused an indomitable curiosity in this young dragon, so assuming the guise of a young girl, Ella set off to explore the new world.

Ella’s Skills

  • Passive skill – Ancient Inheritance

Allows Ella to reduce damage taken by 10% and constantly restores 2.5% of her health every second. At the second level, the rates are doubled.

  • Active skill – Dragon Blood

Ella turns into a dragon and attacks all enemies. At the same time, her damage increases by 30-50%, depending on the skill level, and her health by 50%.

  • Active skill – Scorching Breath

Ella also deals damage to all enemies. Depending on the skill level, the damage will be 240-400% of her attack. For 5 seconds, the attack of enemies will be reduced by 20%, and their buffs will be removed. If you use this skill during Dragon Blood, then for 10 seconds the enemy’s defense will decrease by 30%.

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Revived Witch Ella Guide: Skills, Background, and More


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