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Revived Witch Amanami Character Guide: Lore, Skills and More

Revived Witch Amanami Character Guide: Lore, Skills and More

The Princess of the Sun Amanami has joined the cast of Revived Witch. Using her mythical powers, she can channel radiant energy to heal and support her allies. We’re here with everything you need to know about her in our Revived Witch Amanami character guide on lore, skills, and more!

Amanami Guide

The princess of Sunrise Island in the far east. Her mother is the queen that rules over this land. Her elegancy can be found in her every move.

Regarded as the successor of the Living God, she has been receiving an elite education from a young age, Studying politics, etiquette, and various conjuring.

Every year, she offers a dance at the Kami Festival. Spectators marvel at the softness and elegance of her dance “Seigaiha.” It is said only the true successor can learn it.

The dance is like the ripples of a vast ocean, representing the God’s grace, omnipresent and boundless.

As a successor, Talhae will incorporate the people’s prayers for peace and blessings for the future into the dance, and offer it to the God who blesses the land.

– Amanami’s in-game background

Amanami is a Compeller Doll with the Mercury element. Compellers are able to support their team with buffs, while hindering the enemy with debuffs. Amanami is a very powerful Compeller thanks to her team damage buffs. She pairs very well with Mages, as she can make enemies more vulnerable to magic damage.

Order Skill: Radiant Wheel (3 Order Energy)

Amanami heals all of her allies equal to a portion of her ATK, and she also increases their ATK by 15% for 10 seconds. Upon casting Radiant Wheel, Amanami generates 1 Order Energy, which effectively makes this move cost 2 Order Energy.

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Chaos Skill: Seigaiha (4 Charge)

Amanami deals magic damage equal to a sizable portion of her ATK to all enemies and causes them to take 30% more magic damage for 10 seconds.

Passive: Kalavin

Kalavin increases all allies’ damage for 5 seconds.

That concludes our guide on Revived Witch’s Amanami. If you have any other strategies with her, let us know in the comments below!

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Revived Witch Amanami Character Guide: Lore, Skills and More


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