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Reverse 1999 Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Reverse 1999 Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More
Image via Bluepoch

Want a game that perfectly seams history, arcane battles, and pretty characters? If so, you need to check out Reverse 1999, a new strategy game by developer Bluepoch.

If you loved Fate Grand Order, but now find it a little dated, you will probably love this one. It is a similar game, but much more modern.

The story of Reverse 1999

characters in reverse 1999
Image via Bluepoch

The game is about 75 percent visual novel and 25 percent battle tactics, using a turn-based format with attack cards. The story follows the main character Vertin, a timekeeper who works for a secret society of arcanists, known as the Foundation. Her job is to record the beginnings and ends of eras of time.

In this particular tale, time is mysteriously reversing itself, and she’s trying to figure out why by traveling to various time periods. If you enjoy History, you will absolutely love this game for that reason. On her journey, she is joined by other fun characters like Regulus. Vertin’s end-goal is to solve the mystery of what happened to her and her mother in 1999, but can she do that? Only—wait for it—time will tell.

How Reverse 1999 is paced

Reverse 1999 has a huge visual novel element, so if reading isn’t your thing or you don’t like slower paced games, this might not be for you. The pacing is pretty solid, though. Each panel is fairly short, without too much filler or unnecessary NPC talking. If you’ve never tried a visual novel-style game before, this is a great opportunity to do so in a setting where it’s cut a little by battles.

Battles in Reverse 1999

Battles in the game are pretty simple: you just use the attack cards you’re given to deal damage against the enemies. You can combine the same cards to make one strong card, but don’t do it right before the turn switch. Combining cards counts as a move, and so if you try to combine too many cards at once, the enemy will be up to attack you before you can actually attack.

To see which of your attack cards are the strongest against the current enemies, click on them for their stats. On the designated cards, you can see that it says stronger, so pick those. If you choose the wrong card, don’t worry: you can remove it back to the deck by clicking on it, and your hand automatically fills with more cards when you use them.

Characters in Reverse 1999

Make sure you keep leveling your characters in order to keep up with the rising difficulty of battles. The story moves fast, so you have to as well. There are already a lot of chapters able to be unlocked, so there’s plenty of content to keep you busy and invested in the story.

In addition to the steady amount of character additions, you will find lots of events as well. Each one is based on a different category of arcana from tarot cards, so there’s plant, mineral, beast, intellect, and others. Reverse 1999 is fully voiced, with beautiful art that matches the theme of the story perfectly.

How to reroll in Reverse 1999

This isn’t really the type of game where they give out a lot of currency for pulls, so try to save what you get. There are, of course, a tutorial pull and rewards to celebrate the game’s launch, but once that novelty is gone, there won’t be as many—so don’t do too many pulls, save for who you want. In the first 10 pulls, don’t be shy about doing rerolls to get what you want, because this is pretty much the only opportunity you will get for it. The rates on them are so-so, but they could definitely be worse.

You can download Reverse 1999 for PC or Android today!

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Reverse 1999 Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More