Raid Shadow Legends Zavia Guide – How to Play Zavia?

Raid Shadow Legends Zavia Guide – How to Play Zavia?

Zavia in Raid Shadow Legends is a legendary attacking hero of the Dark Elves faction. She is suitable for passing the campaign, arena, dungeons, and clan boss. The main role is to deal damage and poison the enemy squad. In this guide, we will tell you how to play for her in these mods.

How to Play Zavia in AFK Arena Guide

Zavia is capable of inflicting a lot of poison damage, and if Belanor is present at a party with her, she is given an additional skill that allows her to impose even more Debuffs on the enemy.

Zavia is versatile. She is suitable for passing a spider of any level. The basic skill deals three hits, making it easier to fight the fire knight. A large amount of poison and the ability to do all the damage nearby speeds up the passage of the dragon.

Being in a team with a healer, Zavia is able to quickly level up minor characters at any difficulty level. And she can do this alone with equipment that grants lifesteal.

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With the Life Steal Kit, Zavia is capable of dealing a lot of damage to the clan boss. Combined with heroes that also apply poison and speed up her actions, she will inflict enough damage to the boss to receive a reward.

In the arena, Zavia is useful because of the Catalyst skill, which prevents enemies from resurrecting. Combined with damage to the entire squad, as well as the ability to simultaneously inflict poison damage with one click, this hero is able to bring the owner to the top of the rating.


Zavia is a universal hero, the strongest among similar ones in RAID: Shadow Legends. She suits most tasks and copes with earning currency, various shards and helps to beat bosses. To fully unleash the potential, you will need to collect expensive sets of items.

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Raid Shadow Legends Zavia Guide – How to Play Zavia?


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