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Ragnarok: Labyrinth is a new incremental game based on the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Players get to create their own hero and develop them with unique jobs and skills, but which ones are good? We’re here to answer that question with our Ragnarok: Labyrinth class guide, a primer on the four major job paths you’ll find in the game.

All new heroes will start at the Novice class, but once they get to job level 5 they will be able to rank up into a new job. After the first job change, reaching job level 30 will grant heroes another opportunity to take on a stronger job. Hopefully after this guide, you’ll find your perfect job!

Swordsman Path

Swordsman is the balanced and premier melee fighter, able to dish out the pain and also preserve through endless battery. They have all-around damage, with Bash giving strong single-attack damage which is great for bosses, and Magnum Break giving strong area attacks for clearing out small monsters. Their passives give them some nice tankiness, improving their defense and HP regen.

At job level 30 Swordsmen can change their jobs into stalwart Knights or immovable Crusaders. Knights have improved offensive abilities, focusing on honing the Swordsman’s attack power while sacrificing their own defenses, whereas Crusaders have improved defensive and support abilities, making them sturdier than any other class in the game.

Knights are the way to go if you prefer to take down enemies as fast, and Crusaders are good for playing with large groups of sharevice characters as they shine in large groups.

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Magician Path

Magicians are magic attackers that can harass enemies with strong area-target spells. Magicians are able to wield the four major elements, and as such they are masters of inflicting debuffs on enemies, such as burning, freezing, and stun. While they can make short work of enemies with their spells, they are rather weak physically with low STR and AGI.

Magicians can improve their job class into either Sages or Wizards. Sages sacrifice some of their magic power to be come adaptable fighters with the staff. Sages gain passive skills that increase their staff effectiveness, but that doesn’t mean they’re lacking offensive spells! Both Earth Spike and Heaven’s Drive deal good magic damage and have higher chances of stun, wherein the Sage can go in for the finish with a staff.

Wizards further hone their skills with the elements, granting them access to powerful area-target spells. Wizards basically have the Magician spell set but better. Napalm Beat allows their normal attacks to turn into long range attacks, so by using their spells in conjunction with it, Wizards can control the battlefield.

Archer Path

Archers are long range physical attackers that specialize in strong, sustained single-target attacks. Double Strafe and their passives allow them to bring the pain onto a single target, and Arrow Shower gives them a little bit of area-target damage.

At job level 30 Archers can change into Hunters, which further emphasize the Archer’s long range single-target damage. Hunters shine at taking down MVPs and bosses as their passives increase the damage they do to them. Phantasmic Arrow also gives them a chance to stun, making them incredibly useful for bosses.

Dancers, on the other hand, are the complete opposite, as they trade most of their offensive capabilities for support options. Arrow Vulcan is their only offensive skill and it doesn’t do quite as much damage as the Archer’s other options, but Acoustic Rhythm and Impressive Riff heal, increase damage resist, attack speed, and critical rate of all nearby allies. They’re suited for playing with a large group of Sharevice characters.

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Thief Path

Thieves are agile melee fighters that specialize in single-target damage. Sightless Mind allows them to dash to an enemy and attack them three times, while Envenom can poison enemies, slowly killing them over time. Their passives increase luck, granting them a better chance of landing a critical hit.

At job level 30 Thieves can turn into Rogues, the ultimate trickster. Rogues can throw sand to stun enemies, and they also get more items and zeny. Intimidate allow them to steal the skill of a nearby Sharevice character and use it for themselves, which makes Rogues sort of a wild card – you never know what’s going to happen with them! Double Strafe gives them a solid damage active skill to fall back on when you get weak skills.

If you’d rather hone the Thieves natural agility and go for a no-nonsense approach, the deadly Assassin is the way to go. Sonic Blow can stun enemies, and Grimtooth can poison enemies. The Assassin’s passives increase critical hit damage, normal attack damage, and attack speed, so they can shred just about any single enemy to nothing in a few seconds.

And that concludes our guide on the initial job changes of Ragnarok: Labyrinth. Further jobs are planned for future updates, so stay tuned!

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