Every day, Ragnarok: Labyrinth has a special event quiz that players can partake in. The quiz will consist of questions that test your knowledge about the game’s mechanics. If you’re familiar with the Ragnarok series, you’ll probably be able to answer most of the questions naturally, but if you’re not, we’ve got you covered with our Ragnarok: Labyrinth special event quiz answers!

How to Start the Quiz

You can access the quiz by tapping the glowing book button at the bottom left corner of your screen. You can answer up to five questions a day, regardless of how many you get right or wrong. Getting a quiz question right will reward you with some nifty stuff, but getting it wrong will result in a common item.

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Because of the daily limit, we’re constantly updating this answer list so check back often! Please use your device/browser’s find function to find the question you’re stumped on for convenience, as these are listed in no particular order.

Quiz Answers

  • If the Job Lv. is high, you can get a stat bonus from the Central Laboratory. TRUE
  • While changing Job, Job Lv. will reset. FALSE
  • Character Skill’s maximum level is 30. TRUE
  • Acquiring Blue Potion makes you invisible during Brawl. TRUE
  • This character’s job name is Archer. (Pink haired girl with crossbow) TRUE
  • 2nd Job Change is available at Lv. 20. FALSE
  • As the level of Sharvice increases, you can deploy stronger shared characters. TRUE
  • Warrior can learn [Double Attack] skill. FALSE
  • You can acquire [Golden Horn Headband] by collecting Duel Piece. TRUE
  • Test your luck! (This one has a random answer so pick anything)
  • The highest tier in PvP is Master. FALSE
  • Time limit for battle with Boss Monster is 2 minutes. FALSE
  • Brawl opens at 20:00. TRUE
  • If you are defeated by a Boss Monster, you can try again after 2 minutes. TRUE
  • Job Exp can be earned in EXP Dungeon. FALSE

Of course this isn’t a complete list, but again we’ll update as we gain access to more question. If you’ve had a question that’s not listed here, please let us know in the comments and we’ll update accordingly!

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