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Raft – The Best Raft Boat Designs to Create Right Now

Raft – The Best Raft Boat Designs to Create Right Now
Image by Redbeet Interactive

Sharing your architectural talent in the latest version of Sims sure is fun, but have you tried testing your building skills in the middle of the ocean, when your survival is at stake? Building anything is not so challenging when you have materials galore, but you will need to get super creative and resourceful when everything you have is some floatable debris.

If the creative juices aren’t flowing at the moment, you can get inspiration from our guide to the best Raft boat designs to create right now for every stage in the game.

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The Best Raft Boat Design for Early Game

Raft building
Image by Redbeet Interactive

When you start the game, you will be forced to think small. The resources are scarce, and you can’t start any extravagant projects just yet. Think about the priorities—you need food, water, and shelter, and your raft design should match those elementary needs.

Start with a regular square 3×3 base and expand it with a simple one-tile ring with rounded corners. You can leave one side open and place collection nets there. In the center of the base, you can build a roofed structure where you can take cover from the elements. Again, a square base is fine, but it is more practical to build an octagon. Make sure to leave an opening in the wall for access to the nets and add at least one window.

When it comes to interior decorating, you will need a bed, a central light, a water purifier, and a grill. If you can afford it, add a research table and some crop plots with storage units hanging above them to maximize the space. Another good tip for saving some room is to put the grill above the purifier.

The Best Raft Boat Design for Mid-Game

When you get a hold of things and more resources, you can start playing around with more comfortable setups. One practical yet extravagant design on a long thin strip full of collection nets, with a big deck on one side for the living quarters and one more humble deck on the other side for easy access to the ocean. Round the edges by using triangles instead of full blocks to give your creation more shape.

When it comes to the living area, depending on how much building material you have, you can make a multi-tiered structure, connected by a staircase, with a roof or an open area at the top—depending on your taste and resource limitations. The ground floor can be the sleeping area with a lot of storage, and you can set up a nice research area on the top deck, which can also house an animal pen and some crop plots. Use the smaller ground deck to put up an anchor, some water purifiers, and the grill.

The Best Raft Boat Design in Late Game

There are numerous luxury designs for the late game in Raft—some people create proper yachts, but we are going to keep it a bit more realistic. You can build on a rectangular base with rounded corners and then expand it at the front end with a few more rows with triangles to give it that aerodynamic boat look.

Leave some space for collection nets on this level and plan to put two engines on the sides of the base and the stairs to connect two levels. Don’t forget the purifiers and the fuel tank. At this stage, you can connect everything by using pipes and ensure that you have water on the upper level and even use sprinklers.

On the upper level, you can build a cabin for your living quarters any way you like. A good piece of advice is to build with half walls and windows to have a better view of your surroundings. At the front of the deck, you can place crop plots and create some space for your animals.

When you’re done with the technicalities and have a fully functional raft, you can play around with decorations that match your taste and that will make that raft a home.

We hope you have fun with these ideas for building the best boats in Raft. Feel free to share your designs in the comments below and check out more useful guides in our dedicated Raft section here on TouchTapPlay!

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