Raft: How to Remove Foundations


Raft is one of the greatest survival games in the game industry but most importantly it is really unique. There you will have to survive in an ocean that is filled with different points of interest. The main feature of this game is that you have to build your own raft with lots of Foundations. However, some players don’t understand how to destroy these objects. So, this guide will tell you how to remove Foundations in Raft.

What are Foundations in Raft?

There are lots of cool survival games and Raft is one of the most outstanding ones. It has a unique game design based on your house. You will have to drift across the ocean on your own raft that you will have to use as a foundation for your structures.

In order to make your raft bigger and build more structures on it, you will have to use a special construction called Foundations. These things can be crafted with Planks and Plastic. They allow you to make your raft wider and increase its size. However, if you place them in the wrong place then you may want to remove them. So, today we are going to help you and explain to you how to destroy Foundations in Raft.

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How to Remove Foundations in Raft

Foundations are one of the most useful structures in Raft. They serve as a floor of your base and it is quite a problematic thing to remove them. However, the game provides you with two ways to remove Foundations.

The first way to remove Foundations in Raft is to simply destroy them with an Axe. There are three different types of this instrument and you will have to use a few resources to craft each of them.

If you don’t have an Axe then you will have to use the game’s fauna. Sharks are able to destroy Foundations when they attack your base in Raft. So, you should wait for this creature and let it remove a part of your raft. However, you should be aware that you can’t control the Shark and if you want to protect your Foundations you can use the Foundation Armor.

Raft is quite a popular game and we will be glad if our guide helps you to learn something new about it! Good luck with your journey in the ocean!

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Raft: How to Remove Foundations


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