Raft: How to Make Trash Cubes/Scrap Cubes


Raft is a multiplayer open ocean survival game. Players first of the game find themselves on a small raft. And to survive, they must pick up various floating debris and craft tools. There is also a trading feature in the game that requires Trash Cubes. And in this guide, we will tell you how to make these Trash Cubes in Raft.

How to Make Trash Cubes/Scrap Cubes

While sailing on your raft, you will sometimes come across Trading Posts where you can get Coins. And since you can get blueprints for Coins, this is a very valuable resource. But it all starts with Trash Cubes.

Trash Cubes, also known as Scrap Cubes, are compressed blocks of various trash. You can exchange it for Special Bait on the Trading Post. And then you can exchange the fish caught with this Bait for Coins.

To make Trash Cubes, you must put basic resources into the Recycler, such as scrap, palm leaves, plastic, planks, bricks, leather, etc. The better the resources, the more valuable Trash Cubes you can make. But first, you need to craft a Recycler.

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By picking up random barrels, you can find blueprints for Antennas and Receivers. Then, using these items you will be able to get to the Radio Tower. At the top of the Radio Tower, you can find a Recycler blueprint. Here are the resources you will need:

  • Circuit Board
  • Bolt – 2
  • Metal Ingot – 4
  • Plastic – 6

When you make a Recycler you will also need to create a Charged Battery. You can now create different Trash Cubes and trade them on the Trading Post. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible.

Well, Raft has a lot of different interesting features. And creating Trash Cubes for trading is one of the most rewarding. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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Raft: How to Make Trash Cubes/Scrap Cubes


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