The widely popular open-world survival video game from the Swedish Indie developer Redbeet Interactive, Raft, is finally out of its early access. And with that, we have a ton of new content and changes added to the game with The Final Chapter update released on June 20, 2022. Among the new additions, we have Baits that now players can obtain and use to catch different Tier Fish. However, we have players who don’t know how to get Bait in Raft. In the wake of that, they look for a Fishing Bait guide for Raft to learn more about the new item. 

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In this guide, we share details on how you can get Bait in Raft while discussing the different types of Bait available in Raft. 

How to Get Bait in Raft

In Raft, you can get Bait using the Trading Post in exchange for Trash Cubes. A single Bait will cost you one Trash Cube. Now the question is -where to find the Trading Posts to get Baits?

You can find Trading Posts on the Islands. Look for some big ones, anchor your Raft and explore the Island. There, you will come across Trading Posts, where you can exchange Trash Cubes to obtain Bait. 

Keep in mind! You cannot hoard yourself with Bait in Raft as the Trading Posts have only a few Baits that you can exchange for Trash Cubes. To get more Bait, you must head to the next Island and look for a new Trading Post. 

Now talking about Trash Cubes, you can get Trash Cubes in Raft via the Mending process using the Recycler. 

Fishing Bait Guide: Every Fishing Bait Available in Raft

There are three different types of Fish Baits available in Raft. You can find them below:

  • Simple Fishing Bait – Can be exchanged for Trash Cubes; unlocked from the get-go. 
  • Advanced Fishing Bait – Sell Tier 1 fish in a Trading Post to unlock Advanced Fishing Bait. Once that is done, use Trash Cubes to purchase the Bait. 
  • Expert Fishing Bait – Sell Tier 2 fish in a Trading Post to unlock Expert Fishing Bait. Once that is done, use Trash Cubes to purchase the Bait. 

So that’s it. That’s everything you need to know about Bait in the survival game Raft. 

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How to Get Bait in Raft: Fishing Bait Guide


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